Rio ~Rainbow Gate~ Episode 1 (…eugh)

January 5, 2011 at 3:41 pm 2 comments

The title card, not much to say here

To put it simply, I never looked forward to this show. Reading the previews, watching the trailers, I disliked the very concept of the show. It is mere advertisement for pachinko machines, something that cannot translate well to an anime. My fears were realized, as much of this episode was utter shit.

First, the “plot”: There is a dealer, and, whenever she enters a casino, he presence calms the patrons, causing them to win big. As such, she is called the “Goddess of Luck”. Why in holy hell would a casino hire a woman that makes them lose? She is an undesirable worker, one who cannot do her job, which is “take as much money from the patron as you can, while making them happy”. Assuming this is some sort of ass-backwards charity hotel, would it not be easy to have a couple other women become goddesses of luck, by hiding cards, and using rigged tables? The whole idea is, in a word, silly.

Assuming you see past the plot, let us look at the visuals. The first episode of an anime, especially a mediocre one, is to drag the viewer in, and con them into thinking the show will go somewhere, so that they torture themselves with the trash. One way of achieving this is to use most of your budget in the first and last episodes, to wow them with the animation quality. I cannot say that this is the best way of doing things, but I can say that it works. Rio eschews this entirely.

Note that she is flying up, and to the right, kicking the guy in the face.

The one “action” scene had her floating in grotesque positions, only to whip around and slid into another attacker. No sense of physics (realistic or not), or anything resembling it. This can be forgiven, seeing as how this show has quite a bit of fanservice, assuming her tits didn’t seem to explode at the slightest jump or turn, again, animated by someone with the mind of a perverse, 5-years-old child.


Directing was, in a word, non-existant. It seems that they took tons of tropes, and threw them together, making it look like any other anime. There is no life, nothing that brings it out of the pack. Mint’s travels in the casino city, a montage of her going places, was very reminiscent of many shows, yet felt shallow, as if it was a way of the production company saying “hey look, we do this too!” The supporting characters, such as the green and blue haired girls, also fit this. You have the Fuujin-esque girl, repeating a keyword from whatever the other says. The antagonist’s henchmen are generic dark-sunglasses-and-suits, and the casino director is your generic perverse old man.

Now, one of my greatest gripes, characterization. In Rio’s case, it is the lack thereof. She is but a doll, hardly expresses her feelings, and seems lifeless to me. I can understand that this is to keep potential pachinko customers from disliking her, but I feel they are playing it too safe. She’s not in the same vein of many eroge adaptation MCs, as you cannot superimpose yourself into her, as she isn’t always around. It may be the first episode, but I feel she was played a little too weak.


As for the antagonist. He suffers from too blatant characterization. he is painted as the absolutely horrible man, only for it to be subverted in the most idiotic way possible.


He spends much of the episode chasing around Mint, attacking her and Rio on the way home, and then at the casino. Prior to that, he was doing generic recon, as in, after pulling down binoculars from his eyes, he says “found her” in a monotone voice, despite there being not one of his henchmen around, and that he could easily see her without the aid of the binoculars. He then holds Rio up at a casino, and wants play a game of cards, to determine the fate of Mint. One must ask themselves “Why is she, the woman that always makes her opponent, and those around them, win going to play a game of cards, to determine the fate of her friend?” Hand-wave by the director, I guess. In true fanservice style, Rio’s clothes are offered up, if she loses. After horribly generic visual metaphor, dealing with the antagonists skill with “queens of the game”, yet being horrible with real women, Rio comes out on top, with the weakest hand in poker, a pair of twos. Now, it could have ended there, but one of the conditions of the antagonist losing was “You must tell me why you were chasing after Mint”
This is where I lost it.
I knew I could kill.

What a twist!

The antagonist’s target was not the girl, Mint, but her bear, Choco. He has been so depressed since his wife left him, THAT HE SEEKS COMFORT IN STUFFED ANIMALS. The bear was, supposedly, rare, and he just had to have it. This, too, was subverted, as they soon found out the bear was made in fucking China


I really want to pity him now! (hahano)

Rio forgive him, and sends him on his way, but not before, in true animated-shitfest style, Mint can trip and fall, pulling off Rio’s clothes.


The only merits I could find in this show were the ED, which reminds me of the song “Marissa Stole the Precious Thing”, and the antagonist’s glasses. I don’t know why they enthralled me so much, but I really do think that the sunglasses were a nice touch on the otherwise horrible character.

Ignore the plot, we have TITS

Herp Derp Pseudosymbolism

One of her many outfits, this episode

In short, this anime is horrible, and you should feel horrible for watching it. I really haven’t a clue how I am going to make it through the rest of the season, watching this show, but I’ll try my damnedest.


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