Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 – Episode 00

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The long awaited sequel to 2010’s most absorbing romance show is finally here! As this episode is more structured with recapitulation sequences from the first season, rather than directly inserting 100 % new material, it was quite amusing to relive the numerous critical events from last year. Centered on Kurumi’s thoughts, episode 00 brings us back into the past to witness her numerous feelings towards Kazehaya.

Opening Sequence: Soufuu (爽風) by Tomofumi Tanizawa
Sawako - OpeningI must say that I was more than mistified about the use of beautiful colors in this opening sequence. Contrarily to last season’s opening, this one gives off a refreshing feel of happiness and memories. In addition, it’s great to see new faces, instead of only Sawako and Kazehaya, like in season one. Hopefully, this is a sign of future development in all of the possible pairings presented throughout last year’s show. Another amusing thing about this new opening video, is the use of various outfits on Sawako. As cute as she may be, this symbolizes her efforts and her metamorphosis at the end of last season. In fact, I have no doubt about her surpassing Kurumi’s beauty with only a little help from makeup and girly clothing. On the other hand, Kuronuma Sawako’s charm comes mostly from her honesty, perseverance and innocence. Beauty, in my opinion, is only a perfect bonus to how great she already is. Earlier, as I mentioned new faces in the opening, there is one unfamiliar one, wouldn’t you all agree? A new male character will probably enter the storyline, hopefully, starting from the next episode. Perhaps is he there to fill in the romance gaps? Seeing how Ryuu X Chizu and Sawako x Shouta is quite obvious, all remaining girl candidates fall down to Ayane and Kurumi with the last two male candidates being Ping, the substitute teacher, and the new male character. I have heard numerous rumors about him being a possible candidate for Kurumi, so we will have to watch further, in order to determine what is true or not. Considering that Kurumi does deserNEW GUYve a good lover, due to all the efforts she actually does when she is in love, I am quite curious of seeing how she will be able to give up on her crazy love for Kazehaya, in order to be with another man.

Reminiscing Kurumi
Kurumi - ReminiscingThroughout this entire long-awaited episode, we follow Kurumi on a Valentine’s Day errand. Stopping by a cafe to revitalize on some tea, she overhears female students talking about crushes. Listening to them, she remembers her old middle school days when she was often praised for her beauty and often asked why she wasn’t in love with anyone in the first place. Recalling a crisis of her best friend’s crush falling in love with her and being saddened by the selfish image that her friends have given her, she remembers Kazehaya’s kindness for consoling her after the events. In fact, he did not only console her, but was also able to tell that she was feeling devastated, while trying to deny her sadness. Those obvious attentional and empathic traits of his at the time, made Kurumi long for his love, all throughout middle and high school. Most importantly, one thing that she does remember of this is never confessing to him. Nonstop she wonders What if I confessed to him before he met Sawako?

AIRHEAD?Up until the middle school events, Kurumi’s crush on Kazehaya could have been considered as the typical cute and healthy teenage romance. Comparatively, as she heads to high school, she interacts with him as much as she can, without laying even a single hint of her love. On the other hand, perhaps was she expecting him to notice first? Or might she be the type of girl who enjoys taking her time with the man she loves. All these are quite the possibilities that have never been developed further in the first season. As much as I would love to believe that she enjoyed taking her time before moving on to the confession and dating aspects, Kazehaya is quite the handsome and talented guy. Was she truly convinced that no other girl would be interested in him? From another perspective, it may only mean that she was too confident in herself and thought that she could read Kazehaya like an open book, thinking that she could have him whenever she wants. While considering, or not, these minor hypothesis, one thing that is certain about her is that something was holding her back to reveal her true feelings. Even as her friends approachedKurumi spying on Kazehaya and Kuronuma her with the possibility of dating Kazehaya, she would immediately turn down the idea publicly, while she crazes for him deep inside. Perhaps was she waiting for the right time to confess? Which, in this case, is the arrival of a rival: Sawako.

BefriendingAt the appearance of rivalry, Kurumi sought to win this fight against Sawako. One of the most dangerous ideas she had thought of, was to spread rumors about Sawako trash talking her new good friends: Ayane and Chizu. Obviously, upon logical reflection time from both of them, they knew that Sawako would never say such things and finally discovered Kurumi being the true culprit. At my biggest surprise, this flashback was never presented in episode 00. Might this be a conspiracy to make Kurumi look like more of a victim, rather than the true evildoer she was from the beginning? Unless there was no airing time for this part, all I can deduce from this is that they are trying to give Kurumi a better image in this second season. Upon this first step she has taken to separate Sawako from Kazehaya, she then tried to attack them directly at the heart, by writing Ryuu a love letter and signed it with Sawako’s name. Unluckily for her, when she had brought Kazehaya to the area where Sawako and Ryuu were meeting, Kazehaya did not hesitate to intervene in the conversation, rather than giving up in front of Kurumi’s created illusion. In addition, her means didn’t end there. She also recalls befrienMission failed...ding Sawako, in order to try and take advantage of her kindness. She thought that, by abusing such kindess, she would convince Sawako to give up on Kazehaya and leave her with the full prize. As we thought that Kurumi had received enough hints of Kazehaya’s and Sawako’s sentimenral chemistry, her proposition is then turned down by Sawako: I wouldn’t be able to support you from the bottom of my heart. Kazehaya is special to me, too.

ConfessionAs it was mentioned earlier, Kurumi is finally kicked out of her illusions brought back to her senses by Ayane and Chizu. Calling her out on everything she has done to try and separate Sawako from Kazehaya, she then realizes the irony of the situation she is in. Realizing that the man she has loved for such a long time is in love with someone else and that this someone has been in love for less of a long time with kazehaya than Kurumi has. In terms of love, it’s generally not distributed on a first come first served basis. By interacting or often just by seeing what corresponds to a lovable person to you, you can’t help but to want to express your love. Of course, love can be expressed in oh so many ways, such a direct hints like what Kazehaya is doing or just by friendly interaction, like Kurumi has done in the past. Even upon hearing the disastrous things that Kurumi planned against her, Sawako couldn’t help but to stay by her side and console her. Upon the end of the consolation, she suggested that the best way to end Kurumi’s suffering is to confess her love to Kazehaya. Reluctantly following her advice, Kurumi confesses and is then faced with the undeniable truth: I’m sorry, Kurumi. There’s already someone I love. Upon hearing this, Kurumi swore stronger rivalry against Sawako. The next morning, hiding her eye bags dueHigh Hopes for Kurumi to excessive tears, she was encouraged by Ping’s words of wisdom: Even if a girl is rejected after her confession, the guy can’t help but to think about her. Taking Ping’s words into account, it is to be expected that Kurumi will most probably make a whole new comeback this season. Hopefully, her methods will be less dirty than the ones in the first season. Rather than using a Machiavellic approach, it would be most advantageous for her to head the honest way. Again, I am quite curious as to how these events will mix up, upon the arrival of the new male student.

Next Episode: Valentine’s Day
CHOKORETTOAs Kurumi is out buying expensive chocolates for, most probably, Kazehaya, we also see Ayane, Chizu and Sawako preparing their sweet gifts for that promised day. As expected, Sawako seems to have prepared homemade chocolates for all of her good friends. The next episode will be a fresh new start to this continuation that we have all been waiting for, unbearably. As much as I cannot wait to watch the nice circle of friends meet again, I am eager to watch Sawako hand her chocolates to Kazehaya and to observe Kurumi’s new approaches as well. As much as with the first season, I am expecting surprising twists and hopefully a kiss.


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