Naruto Shippuuden Episode #193

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Naruto Shippuuden

Hooray! Here’s another Filler Episode of Naruto Shippuuden. I know you guys are “more excited” to see the preview of the manga, but we’re getting this (words cannot express my idea) episode.

As we all know the people behind this anime series wants us to wait and sit our asses off as they prepare for the upcoming, “much deserving to be called good” and hardore (with epic new characters) non-filler episodes. But let’s set aside the Love-Hate relationship and talk about the recent episode.

Yay, Episode #193: “The Man who died twice” (for those who haven’t watched the episode SKIP THIS PART!)

The Episode talks about a man “Kisuke” (a Konohagakure Black-ops undercover agent), “Sabiru” (a Konoha Ninja, who is believed to be the agent helping outside forces to get in to konoha), and of course, “Naruto” (in his Genin years, in his usual self “Helping the good guys against the forces of the evil ninjas”).

Kisuke The ghost looking guy

Why is it always that “The good guys” are drawn bad and “The bad guys” look awesome? Like his looks (which I did not bother to zoom at, I bet Kisuke sucks at using ninjutsu or even his weapons for melee attack).

ISN'T SABIRU HANDSOME? (The Blue hair makes him look good)

The Guy with the blue hair hohoho! The last time I saw a good looking guy in this series, I think was back in 2009 (Three tails arc). AND AND OH, I bet he’s good at doing bad things too just like the “Typical Antagonist” he is.

*PINCH*.. Oh, that hurts

“Someone missed his training, and the Big bad lady is mad because of it.” You won’t see much of this in the manga, Oh I do miss the old Naruto episodes.

Anyway Let’s go to the good part, where everything turns round and round, the part where all the ninjas showcase their talents, fight for their lives just because “someone” did something stupid and of course die because “someone” plotted it (or probably just “death because of natural causes”).

The Lonely man tells Naruto his sad story

The episode’s main focus was for Naruto to help the one in need “Kisuke” (which is already obvious) who loses his memory after the “handsome” yet “cunning and deceiving” Sabiru attacked by sealing his soul inside a rock, which in the long-short run both Naruto and Kisuke both manage to do. -Just like in other Naruto episodes (filler/non filler) they do/did the same thing, which really gets boring and just a cycle of “never ending” turn of helping the weaklings.

*inserts prepare for battle music* To cut the chase short, we all know what happens next. Just like in other filler arcs of this series, There is this thing that we call a “Cat and Mouse” chasing game, which I know you guys “Find it really, really, REALLY OBVIOUS”.

The handsome mouse is being chased by the cat

Saburi getting chased. It really gets old and boring having this things released every single week, I mean aren’t you guys tired of watching filler episodes? They never get new, THEY’RE GETTING OLDER AND OLDER, the plot repeats itself, and only a few characters come. And as for the “new characters” it’s just like a “15 minutes of fame” game for them, appearing only in a few, or sometimes one episode. (MAN, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? Have pity on these characters, no one barely remembers them except for those people who actually devote themselves in watching naruto.

The awesomest part in every Naruto episode

Battle Scene: This is like the part where Naruto is known for having Colorful backgrounds, good sound effects and they’re actually good at setting the mood. I’m giving you a thumbs up for having good effects (in my opinion). The colors are just… So Awesome, I feel like going inside my laptop’s screen, get some kunais and join this awesome battle. IN THIS PART YOU GUYS DIDN’T FAIL MY EXPECTATIONS ❤


The Antagonistic, back-breaking, head-crushing & soul-eating technique. Let me give you my 2 cents regarding this topic. 1. YOU FAILED, The antagonist’s face, I know, it was cunning and deceiving yet, I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. He’s a pretty boy, I know a girl might go gaga on him, but a person like me, when it comes to the world of Naruto, you must have an awesome talent/jutsu just like Haku (Demonic Ice Mirrors), Kimimaro (Bone Techniques)  and Guren (Crimson Camelia/Crimson Fruit Technique). 2. IT WASN’T THAT ANTAGONIST-IC, dude, your technique is as lame as Ino’s technique. Man, you failed me.


Naruto's Farewell to Kisuke

Ending: I/We already know what’s going to happen. Someone’s gonna fail, the other party wins, and don’t forget the emotional farewell.  “Just Like” the other filler episodes, this episode’s ending is like a generic drug or maybe a fairy tail, people come and go… IT REPEATS ITSELF.

Kisuke and his wife in 3 years after the incident

Well here’s another ending for “Another” Filler Episode of Naruto Shippuuden. Stay tuned for more “Filler Episodes” (which I don’t want them to do).

  • I hope for the new chapter of Naruto to be released soon (Chapter 523)
  • As for the Opening Theme: IT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY ;_;

What caught my attention while watching the anime was this cat. Compared to the other characters, this cat showed cuteness, and more facial expressions.



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