Freezing – Episode #1

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Freezing is a series from Media Factory adapted from a manga series on Comic Valkyrie. The manga is written by Dall-Young Lim, and illustrated by Kim Kwang Hyun, popular Korean manwha creators. Personally I wasn’t really looking forward into watching this series. Even with the unexpected gory aspect, this first episode just fails to capture my interest.

Freezing is about an academy of special students. The female ones are called Pandora and has special superhuman abilities in combat and healing. Their males partners are called Limiters and provide buff/debuff support roles in battle. Then there’s this alien Nova monsters that appears infrequently, evangelion style, which could cause great harm to humanity and requires Pandora to defeat them.

The episode cram a lot information into the episode itself. The world view is explored, the mechanism behind the main female characters’ power are explained, the back story for the main male character was briefly talked about. All those are accompanied by several bloody fighting between female characters. By bloody I mean cuts in the neck, the back, the chest, and also a couple suffered amputation when dealing with a giant monster. The gory aspect might be one attraction of the show, however myself I find it too deliberate and in bad taste, most likely due to my stance that unnecessary excessive harm to girls is unacceptable. When your usual training session is asking them to go on a Battle Royale style massacre, it just crosses the boundary for me.

Visually this show is nothing special. Even the OP and the ED looks better than the actual episode itself. If you are looking for a treat to the eyes you will most likely to be disappointed. That is, unless you come into this show for the fanservice, which this show has an abundance of. Panty shots are frequent, every female students in the show either wears those cannot-get-any-shorter skirts or hot pants, which makes the general attire for the main female character somewhat out of place. Even as someone that enjoy Queen’s Blade and Hyakko Ryoran (mostly for different reasons), I find the chest size for the characters here just somehow crossed the line for being over inflated. Anyway that’s not the point here that I should be focusing on.

The fight scenes are pretty decent, however I will always compare it to the high standard choreography from Hyakka Ryoran, which it just fell short. The censorship is your usual huge beam of solar ray, which I find it disturbing and lazy. There’s not much I can talk about character design at the moment because the characters are mostly in school uniform. The transformation scene is quite interesting, and surprisingly sticks more to the generic mahou shoujo sequence than that other show this season. The shots are all over the place, unnecessary close up of the whole face without any emotions shown, and low angles when it’s not cinematic. There’s just too unnecessary ecchi shots that are just too deliberate, and those just detracts from the fluidity of the fight itself, which is probably why I find the combat to be a bit lacking. It’s a shame really, because I can see some attention paid into the small details into making this series look cinematic, just to be let down by bad shots and terrible visual quality.

Edit: 2nd time round watching, I noticed that if you move your focus away from the screen, the BGM is actually quite well done. However with the excessive close-up shots onto the character it will be hard not to get distracted.

Transformation Scene

Overall this is not high up in my recommended list. If you want boobs and fanservices, this show offers plenty. However if you are looking for something else that’s interesting you probably don’t have to bother with this series. A better comparison to this show would be High School of the Dead, minus all the zombie movie references.

Trivia: The OP is originally a vocaloid original song that was released back in May 2009.


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