Mitsudomoe Zōryōchū! – Episode #1

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Mitsudomoe is an interesting entity. It’s a show about  class of 6-graders doing childish things, sometimes headdesk-worthy, never innocent, but always hilarious. The show excels at the interesting dominance shift between characters, blatant yet fitting idiocy, and tonnes of miscommunication skits that just never get old. Season two, however, didn’t really start out as well as I would’ve liked though.

For those that are not following information regarding to the show, the 2nd season for Mitsudomoe only has 8 episodes (stupid management reasons…), instead of the usual 12~13. This limitation means that the season has to start out with a bang. They tried something interesting, an anime original episode, playing the same joke as the loathed OreImo ep8, which I don’t think is a good idea. The episode focuses more on an in-joke instead of on the insane triplet themselves.

Technically speaking the second season is on par with the first one. The animation still retain that level of charm, no weird still shots can be found, and the use of BGM is still nice. On the technical level it feels like the continuation of the first season, which is to be expected.

The jokes in this episode requires some knowledge into the Tokusatsu genre. You have to be watching some Kamen Rider or some power ranger to appreciate the in jokes. I wasn’t aware of them until some discussion later, which I’m sure a number of readers here would found themselves in the similar situation. The episode played a bit on the sudden change in episode tone, stunt doubles, retarded morality, gangbang and several other tropes found in the genre. Personally, since I wasn’t into the genre myself I often find myself confused while watching the episode.

This episode would do well if it’s in the middle of the 2 course season. What I usually look for in the first episode of the 2nd season is a recollection episode, one that reminds the viewers something that missed, refresh their mind on the character traits of the main cast. This first episode of Mitsudomoe did very little of what I want, which is kind of disappointing actually. Not a good episode  to familiarise yourself with the dysfunctional triplet if you haven’t watch the first season, though it’s still decent enough if you love the first season.

Edit: Not too sure I will be blogging every episode in the entire series, we’ll see how that will turn out.


SPOILER ガチの怒りを受け止めろ!!

This episode mainly deals with the triplet watching an episode of Gachi Rangers (a power ranger parody). In that parody episode you see the bad guys going for “accelerating the low number of kids in Japan” problem by turning all the children into bubbles with the help from the monster of the week. This retarded plan is countered by the stupidity from the main team failing at every single aspect, killing a number of kids in unnecessary explosions in the process without saving any of them. The team base is found by the angry citizen mob and got burnt down with the secret of the manager character revealed. The team use a face-palm worthy plan to lure the bad guys out. The monster of the week is gangbanged, stabbed, and burned in the furnace. This is proceeded by it become enlarged and fight the mecha. The monster is subsequently defeated, the town is saved, all the dead people revived, and the tax is raised to pay for the repair of the base.

All those is accompanied by the occasional scene of the triplet doing the commentary of how childish and crap that parody episode is. A little of character trait is shown during those 2min clips, but not much you can gather from them.


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