Infinite Stratos – IS: Episode 1

January 11, 2011 at 2:55 am 2 comments

Hello, Touhou
It’s not often that a show sparks such a love/hate relationship with me. An original premise, awesome MC, and sweet CGI blended in with traditional animation, all fucked over by too many tropes popping up. It almost scares me, thinking about how many more will come up in later episodes, but, for now, this show is very enjoyable.

The stated premise of the show reminds me a bit of Bashquash!, in that it involves a sport, played with the “IS” mobile suit, though the “sport” in this show is an old fashioned “beat the daylights out of your opponent”. The IS, an advanced weapon, threatened the balance of the world, and led to war, until the Alaska Treaty was enacted. The treaty laid out that the IS technology must be distributed to all nations, to keep any one nation from dominating all of the others in militaristic combat. In addition, the IS mwomen, kitchen, etcust never be used in militaristic affairs, leading to the creation of the sport. This is normally only a sport available to women, as they are the only ones capable of operating the machines, which also breaks the balance of power between women and men.

Fightan for equality~It all changes when Ichika Orimura, a male and brother to the Japanese pilot of the first generation of IS, Chifuyu Orimura, is found to be able to pilot an IS. Seeing this as an opportunity, he is immediately enrolled in the Infinite Stratos Academy, an esteemed boarding school in which piloCrowning moment of awesomets are trained. He, being the only male in a previously all-female boarding school, is a prime target for a harem, which is an opportunity taken up by the author at every chance. During the MC’s internal monologues, conversations, and silence, yfor this episode, at leastou can often hear girls speaking of how they want to jump his bones, sit next to him, or debating who should talk to him first.

This comes to be a bit of pressure on the guy, understandably. To my great surprise, and enjoyment, he still stays quite calm. He doesn’t complain, or freak out when three girls ask to sit by him. He just stays relaxed, though mildly upset, without letting his dissatisfaction show too much. Again, when challenged to a duel by the pompous British bitch, he quickly accepts. No pussyfooting, no “bt ur a gurl~” bullshit, just badassery.

Despite these, there are a couple points of contention with me. For one, a couple of obvious “twists” with the lodging arrangements. It was too obvious that he was going to be staying with the tsundere childhood friend, Houki Shinonono, and, when you hear the door open, it’s Cliche as fuckquite obvious she was in the shower, before it is “revealed”. As par for the course, comedic violence happens, including a reveal of Houki’s bra, when Ichika pulls out a training sword with which to defend himself from his attacker’s onslaught.

On the topic of animation, I have no complaints. The CGI blended well with the cel animation in the opening fight scene, and movement is fluid outside of fights.

I am quite intrigued about when this fight comes into play, as it seemed to be something outside the bounds of the competition. With such a back-story to the IS suits, it’d be a waste if this doesn’t develop into a warfare anime.

Overall, although it was riddled with clichés, I still found it to be enjoyable, and cannot wait for the next episode, to see how this is going to play out.


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