Dragon Crisis Episode 1

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So this is my first Blog about an Anime ever, actually. So please be gentle 😛

yep, thats a Dragon^^

So this is Studio DEENs Anime for this season, Dragon Crisis. First of all, this turned out better than i expected. Since I am not really sure how to start this, i will just start with the first few seconds of the anime:

We see an obvious dream-picture of a blonde girl coming to our field of vision and hear her saying the name of our protagonist: “Ryuuji”. Yes, Ryuuji. And who is Rose, the little blonde dragonloli’s Seiyuu? Exactly, its Rie Kugumiya. The “Tsundere-Queen”. So if anyone didnt get Toradora!-vibes down their spine now….  Anyways, this is a pretty unusual role for her, since Rose is , apart from beeing a living Flamethrower, an absolute and total Dere-person, at least towards Ryuuji. Since our hero Ryuuji is more or less a Shota, it seems inevitable that nyxx will like him^^

the hero, Ryuuji, when we first see him.

It is notable that this is already the third anime this season that starts with a scene where the Protagonist has an important dream and wakes up; Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and Yumekui Merry start this exact way as well. Now we get to see that Ryuuji lives alone; exactly why a person that young lives alone? The answer seems to be his Parents beeing active in the search for Magic Artefacts, “Lost Precious”. As his Cousin returns from Amercia with her own newfound Organisation “Seven Tails”, recruiting him as her first henchman, his Story begins. Other than a lot of other Protagonists, he actually starts into his adventure knowing what is going on, knowing abotu “Lost Precious” and such. Definately a plus for me since it has become way too common to have a Protag whos just thrown into the Action without knowing anything. He also seems to have some kind of Dark Secret in his Past, as he seems to be traumatized about a “cursed Lost Precious”. Now while the wand of his cousin seems to have an interesting “Butterfly-Power”, we havent seen Ryuuji himself doing something awesome yet. Through their first mission, they steal an item from the Mafia, which happens to be a little blonde girl-Rose, a name later given to her by Ryuuji himself after the rose-liek scales on her hand,demonstrates her powers shortly after coming out of her box, reducing the Mafia hoodlums to Ashes with pretty nicely animated Flames. The special effects are generally pretty nicely done, while the whole artstyle itself is pretty nice too, but nothing really new though.

the special effects are surely done pretty neat here.After the action is done, everyone returns to the home of Ryuuji, who is of course considerably confused to have gotten a girl who keeps saying his name and loving him despite him not even remembering having seen her before. And his name is also the only thign she says for quite some time, reminding me of yet another anime: Elfenlied. Oh, beofre i forget it, Ryuuji also has a little female classmate as a stalker, more or less^^ Their relationshio might be cleared up in the future.

Ryuuji’s little stalker

Anyways, upon revealing her hands, ryuuji and his Cousin find out that she is in fact a Dragon in human form; the rest of the episode is pretty much her becomign more adjusted to living in Ryuujus flat, learnign to speak more, getting addicted to ice-cream and showing more of he rchatracter; the episode finaly leaves us with a little kind-of cliffhanger when someone, approximately Ryuujis father, arrives with a helicopter and seems to already know about the “Dragon”.~Lucky bastard~

Dont mess with a Dragon Loli!

a Dragon loli, direcly after leaving her box

All in all, it was better than expected, and seems really promising with an interesting plot and not-too-bad protag and Dragon Loli. The music of the Op and Ed are nice as well, especially the Op wasnt half bad. So i got soemthign better than i expecte, what else can you ask for? I dunno how to end this post properly, so i’ll now just end it.



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