Hourou Musuko episode 1

January 16, 2011 at 6:16 pm 1 comment

“What are girls made of? “ With that single line starts the first episode of HOUROU MUSUKO.
Now when an anime starts with that kind of line, you know right away that it is definitely not going to be the usual moe/ecchi / cheesy cliché love story.
Indeed Hourou musuko is one of those deep anime that you don’t watch half heartedly. It deals with a complex matter: gender identity. And its main purpose is to touch the soul and make people understand things better.

April, the start of a new middle school year, freshmen Nitori Shuishi introduces himself to the class, he barely finishes talking When some random guy asks him if the rumors stating that he’s been going out with Yoshino Takatsuki back in elementary school are true. That curious boy soon gets hit by the girl sitting next to him, Chiba Saori (Takatsuki and Nitori’s friend, who appears to be in love with Nitori).

left: takatsuki, middle: Nitori, right: Saori Fact is, the two weren’t dating (we learn later in the episode that Takatsuki rejected Nitori) but the three teenagers Saori, Nitori and Takatsuki do share a secret: the fact that two of them are dealing with gender identity issues. Nitori, the boy who thinks that girls are made of “sugar, spice and everything nice” and dresses up secretly as a girl and Takatsuki, one of the two girls, less daring with her feelings merely permits herself to “want” to dress up as a boy, admiring one of her girl-classmates who came that first day to class wearing a male uniform “just because she felt like it”.
The episode goes by (in a not so much linear structure) gradually introducing some characters of the show and the inner struggle of the two main protagonists (Takatsuki and Nitori), as they are dealing with both puberty and their gender issues.
Nitori trying out his sister dress They’re at that age where the sexual identity barely starts to build itself and which (if it’s not following the standards defined by society) makes its owner suffer, as he/she is described as “sick”, “disgusting” and seen with judgmental eyes.
Symmetrically to the beginning, the episode ends with that other line: What are boys made of? Frogs, snails and puppy-dog’s tail. (And I’m still trying to figure out what that could possibly mean).

General thoughts:

This first episode already made me fall totally in love with every aspect of this anime, from the plot to the artThe bridge scene : most powerfull scene of the episode through the background music, everything about it appealed to me.

Plot: Deep, complex, palpable and real, also slow and has that sweet and sorrow atmosphere going on.

Art: The bright water painting/pastel coloring is very original and kind of goes with that whole sweet and sorrowful atmosphere.

Music: I already loved the fact that the background soundtracks were slow classical piano music pieces but the use of Debussy’s “Claire de lune” in the bridge scene, just made my soul melt.

So, after watching its first episode, I can assure that Hourou Musuko’s going to be a hit, and practically the only show I can fully enjoy this winter.

Conclusion: Viviojo loves and puts her approval stamp on.


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  • 1. Jeroz  |  January 20, 2011 at 9:44 am

    “Now when an anime starts with that kind of line, you know right away that it is definitely not going to be the usual moe/ecchi / cheesy cliché love story.”

    because it’s going to be about one psychopath surgeon who likes to dissect girls………just kidding

    I love this series as well. Figured that it’s going to be a dark horse this season when I watched the PV, I fell in love with it when the piano starts playing.


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