Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 – Episode 01

January 16, 2011 at 10:06 pm 4 comments

After experiencing last week’s recapitulation episode, which refreshed our memories on almost all of the characters’ important actions from season one(refers to some missing Kurumi parts), we are now back in the original cliffhanging world of Kimi ni Todoke. Unsure if it will be this tense during the whole season, one thing that is certain is that episodes have not been this joyfully frustrating in the first season. In this week’s episode, we follow our main protagonists on Valentine’s Day. Hints to numerous love polygons are on the menu and so are unfortunate misunderstandings, which lead to certain characters’ loss of both motivation and self-confidence.

Hardworking Sawako
Whether it’s about house chores, gifts, cooking, studies or all of the above, Sawako always gives her best efforts in all that she does. Unlike in some situations, Sawako’s efforts are non-stop noticed by her friends who steal a bite  or two of her lunch, calling it Freaking delicious. I would like to believe that we all have something that we work hard for and that we would dislike it going to waste, after numerous hours and calories burned to accomplish it. But what if you were looking forward to a certain special attention from a certain special individual, pertaining your work? Wouldn’t it be frustrating to not be able to communicate your thoughts and intentions to them? Moreover, if it was because of some cruel coincidental misunderstandings that made you lose confidence? As you may have felt from my last sentences, this episode will not end well.

Seat Change
I think we all remember Ayane’s, Chizu’s, Kazehaya’s and Ryu’s heroic and mature acts from last season. While occult rumors were circulating about Sadako, numerous students were afraid of sitting next to her, by fear of being cursed or purged. Luckily for Sawako and the reputation of this school, some students were bright enough to not believe in such things and give a try to her first impressions of kindness. Exchanging or simply abandoning the seat number they were given, Ayane, Chizu, Kazehaya and Ryu sat beside Sawako, considering her as a normal and enjoyable human being.

After all the times of them hanging out together, Sawako and Kazehaya secretly staring at each other during class and a few quarrels, who knew that this seemingly inseparable group would now get dispersed again, throughout the classroom, after the Holiday Vacations. While it doesn’t seem to be affecting the relationship between the girls, it sure is reinforcing the wall that was already there, between Kazehaya and Sawako. But you know what they say, when you lose some, you win some. In this sense, Sawako has made two new interesting friends. Sitting in back of her is Takahashi, a girl who often pulls surprise tickling fests on Sawako. She seems to enjoy her giggling and also looks like the calm/sleepy type. Very dangerous traits of personality, considering that you never know when she will attack tickle you. As for her other neighbor, sitting at the desk on her left, he seems to enjoy having random conversations. It’s either that or he enjoys consulting Sawako about obscure subjects such as sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming, which is probably due to last year’s rumors about her. Even if his words were referrals to the rumors, I’m sure no harm is intended from any of them, which makes them good potential friends for Sawako. This is but a sign that she is getting better at interacting with others, which is all thanks to her efforts, her friends and, obviously, Kazehaya.

Sitting at the back and other end of the classroom, is Kazehaya. For him, this new distance from her seems to follow the order of kilometers, considering that he has not hinted his love for her yet. Number of times he has tried, but what has been stopping him? To all good questions, there is always a good answer and Kazehaya’s was inserted at the end of season one: I don’t have the confidence. Of course, self-confidence seems to be a great issue at that age, especially for boys. In what concerns girls, they eventually find a way to boost their self-esteem by talking to friends, wearing nice clothes, putting makeup on to look good, etc. Of course, not all girls travel by this process, but one thing that is certain is that we all try different things before settling into a comfort zone. As for boys, sentimental communication between them is not really an easy route. While there are boys who will listen to other boys’ sentimental issues(love, family, etc.), they are more timid to reveal themselves at that age. Some of the normal male teenager compartmental traits are being impulsive, spontaneous and a somewhat ignorant of the existence of a sentimental world written in-between the lines. Reviewing my last sentence, might we all come to the conclusion that Kazehaya is an exception to the general male teenager rule? While he does have some of its traits, he shows that he is more sentimentally present. On the other hand, this can also be provoked by feelings of love. Biologically speaking, when one is found in a new situation, certain genes will activate to make you adapt to it. This may be the answer to Kazehaya’s  behavior: He starts to act that way when he’s in love. But what if we go back in time and recall when he was consoling Kurumi in middle school? There were no hints of him actually being in love with her, so it may just be that Shouta Kazehaya is actually that typical sweet teenage boy who lacks the confidence of noticing how great he looks, how good he is in sports and how sweet he is with everybody. Again, these may all not matter to him, since all he sees right now is his beloved Sawako.

Amidst this sad turn of events for Kazehaya, he is pleased by what he sees. A brighter Sawako stands before him and she is making a lot more friends than she used to. On top of that, rumors about her have disappeared, due to numerous kind-hearted individuals who think well of her. While he does enjoy seeing her happy face, he does wish from the bottom of his heart to be smiling by her side. In other words, he would like to be a reason for her to smile as well. Although he is one of the main reasons why she is more approachable this year, he may want to be of a more important happiness for her. Indeed, by this I mean a lover. I am quite sure that I am not the only one who has noticed the pace between Kazehaya and Sawako being quite slow. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. Some say that true love is better taken at a slow pace, in order to savor all of the little moments. By rushing in, these moments might get wasted pretty fast. Perhaps might they be wishing for something as bittersweet and slow as this, without even noticing it? This, in my opinion, brings perfect chemistry to a whole different level.

Valentine’s Day
Upon discussing about it with Ayane and Chizu the day before, Sawako is motivated to make homemade chocolates for all her dear friends at school. Going back to what I have mentioned about subtle romance, it seems that Sawako was favoring Kazehaya during her preparations. She seems to try and convince herself that the reason why Kazehaya is getting more chocolates with nuts and hearts, was not due to her favoring him at all. Of course, it would maybe have been gullible if she didn’t hesitate so much on making him a card, a few seconds before she pleaded for favoring innocence. As she wraps things up with her cooking, we get a sneak peek to whom these chocolates are destined to. Amongst the lucky winners we obviously have Ayane, Chizu, Ryu and, our most important candidate, Kazehaya. Now, the chocolate is made and one question remains: Will Sawako be able to give her chocolates to Kazehaya? Sometimes, it is better to not reflect too much, after making an important decision. It might just want to make you go back on your word.

Arriving on school territory the next day, Sawako spots Kazehaya at his locker. As she comes closer to speak with him, she notices him holding gifted chocolate. It was obviously chocolate left in his locker from another girl, but what’s with with the expression he made back then? His reaction to those chocolates had a painful vibe. Was the sender someone he knew, or not for that matter. Or was he simply disappointed that they were not from Sawako? No matter the reason, he decided to keep the chocolate and slide it in his pocket. It is still unclear if he will keep them for good or look for the sender, in order to return it to them. The reason why this speculation has risen, is because Kazehaya apparently does not accept affectionate chocolates, but would rather accept them from friends, in order to not feel like he owes to feel something back for them in terms of love. Of course, this is quite a nicer approach than rejecting a girl’s confession and keeping her chocolates anyway. But might this just be another cover-up story revolving around Sawako? Kazehaya might just be waiting for Sawako’s chocolates, in order to finally accept them in an affectionate way. It makes sense if you look at it this way: Because he refuses affectionate chocolates from other girls, it may seem like he isn’t interested in that at all. But it may just mean that he is waiting for his loved one to give them to him. Going back to Sawako’s perspective of the event, she is unexpectedly shocked about Kazehaya accepting the chocolates left in his locker. At that moment, Kazehaya notices her noticing him and an awkward atmosphere arises. Let’s just say that this is one scene where the characters either not talk at all or start asking numerous questions all at once, due to the confusing atmosphere. Communication is key, but unfortunately, they decide to not discuss it, with Kazehaya leaving with a simple See You Later. Since nothing has been talked out, doubts rise from each side. Sawako might be asking herself why Kazehaya was being so ashamed and silent about those chocolates in his locker as much as Kazehaya is asking himself if Sawako had chocolates to give to him. It might just be that he was expecting chocolates from her, upon their first meeting on that day. With both of them having doubts about each other’s actions, there’s no end to what disastrous conclusions they may both come to.

After forgetting about that awkward experience in the locker room, Sawako reaches the classroom and hands her homemade chocolates to her friends: Ayane, Chizu, Ryu, Takahashi and many more. Pleased about them being homemade and from Sawako, they dig in immediately without notice. Noticing that she has only one bag of chocolates left, Sawako knows fairly well for who they are addressed. Realizing that she had to hand in her chocolates to Kazehaya, Kuronuma frantically runs out of the classroom, in order to calm herself down. While hiding away in the bathroom and hugging her schoolbag tight, she thinks of ideal ways of offering him the chocolates. In addition, she is also wondering why she is giving them to him? It’s only as a thank you gift she thought. But fear rises in her, when she realizes that there might be more to her feelings than just gratitude. While she was out, a girl from another class called Kazehaya out, in order to offer him chocolates served with a love confession. By the time Sawako reaches class, while too distracted by her thoughts to notice them discussing in the stairway, she overhears a conversation about Kazehaya rejecting the girl. Again, another proof that Kazehaya refuses affectionate chocolates. But what if they were from Sawako? Would he accept them kindheartedly, then? As Kazehaya reenters the classroom, Sawako being seated at the first row in the front, they both glance at each other. Might this be another confusing situation for both of them? As a result of that rejection, Sawako must be slightly afraid of offering him her chocolates and the fact that she was timid about it initially, probably isn’t helping the situation at all. Kazehaya, on the other hand, might still be asking himself what is taking her so long. But the longer he waits, the darker his thoughts get.

While walking around the classroom, Kazehaya stumbles upon Ryu who is eating special-looking chocolates. As he tastes one from Ryu’s bag, he feels that these are not ordinary and must be homemade. It’s then that Ryu enlightens him with the news that they were handmade by Sawako and that he got these through Chizu. Shocked by the thought of Ryu having the chance of eating Kuronuma’s chocolates, he walks away and stumbles upon Takahashi who is holding a similar bag. Almost at the level of thinking that this is a conspiracy, Kazehaya is shocked once again of being forgotten and spends an afternoon torturing himself with that idea. On Sawako’s side, things aren’t any better. While she is trying to figure out what these chocolates mean to her, time is racing and Kazehaya’s heart is close to be broken. At the ring of the final school bell, Kazehaya is called to Ping’s office, while Kuronuma is still pondering on whether or not her chocolates are worthy to be given and for what reason. She finally makes up her mind and Ayane, upon understanding the situation, leaves the school-grounds with Chizu, leaving Sawako all alone in the classroom. Has she made  up her mind for good this time? Or will another person twist come and interfere, yet again?

Meanwhile, in Ping’s office, Kazehaya was blackmailed into massaging his neck and shoulders, or else his friends were to have a storytelling about how he peed his bed at the age of eight. Spying on top of Ping’s head, on his desk, Shouta sees what is called a true conspiracy: another bag of Sawako’s chocolates. Arriving at the deceiving conclusion that he might have been forgotten by Sawako, he leaves the office in a bad mood and doesn’t notice Sawako waiting for him. Just as Sawako built the courage to call him, Kurumi appears from down the stairs and offers Valentine’s day chocolate to Kazehaya. Which he accepts. Of course, Sawako only witnessed these events from a distance, where she was hiding until it was all over. Still hugging the bag of chocolates with mixed feelings, she is surprised by Kurumi who encourages her to give her chocolates, only if they are out of courtesy and not out of love. Indeed, Kurumi is the one who tries to convince Sawako that Kazehaya doesn’t accept affectionate chocolates. Whether it’s true or not, logically, Kuronuma should have nothing to worry about. Yes, her chocolates are obviously made out of love for him, but is that a reason to not offer them? She is obviously worried about lying to him. Using the excuse of a thank you gift to get her gift through to Kazehaya. Knowing Sawako, she will obviously not lie about anything, which is why this is tearing her up. If these are not courtesy chocolates, then what are they? How do I say what I feel to Kazehaya? In my opinion, her being honest about the symbolism of the chocolates is the little push they need to get things going.

The New Guy!
Before eloping completely in the context of the new protagonist’s appearance, let’s discuss about Kurumi’s changes. Upon noticing it in the first season and in episode 0, Kurumi is now acting more like herself, without the airhead and cute facades. I must say that I am quite proud of her for realizing that you will never find someone suitable for you, unless you act natural. By acting like somebody else, the ones you will attract will only be interested in that mask you have on and not in the real you. If you are lucky, of course, one might learn to enjoy both of these faces. But chances are that you might not attract what is made for you. In Kurumi’s case, it seems that she has understood that and the new student is there to prove it. In fact, he even mentioned liking Kurumi more for what she is now, rather than for what she was trying to be in the past. Although this looks like a possible new man for Kurumizawa, it seems that Sawako has piqued his curiosity as well. It seems that seeing Sawako hold a bag of chocolates while being deep lost in thought has attracted his attention. Of course, we are expecting more on this character, in the following episodes. On the opposite of Kazehaya, he seems to have a lot of self-esteem or at least enough to tell Kurumi head-on that he hasn’t received chocolates from her yet. From a certain perspective, he seems to have the impulsion that Kazehaya doesn’t have. If Kazehaya was able to ask that to Kuronuma so easily, this misunderstanding would have been over before it even started. This approach was very subtle in the episode and I quite enjoyed how they implemented it for the boys and for the girls. Like it has been mentioned with Kazehaya and the new student, the same can be said about Kurumi and Sawako. Kurumi knows the signification of her chocolates and handed them to Kazehaya anyway. Knowing that she had been rejected already in the past, her chocolates had high hopes of being accepted because she is a special case and is confident that she is. But Sawako, being less impulsive than Kurumi, cannot find the right words to define the meaning of her chocolates. So she doubts about being able to word it properly and finally decides on not to offer them at all. Congratulations, Kurumi. It seems that your ways are even more dirty this season.

Next Episode: 2nd Years
Next week seems to be all about a new class and new friends. Hopefully, Sawako and Kazehaya will finally get to talk about this misunderstanding and get their feelings straight. I am also hoping for her to find a way to offer her chocolates to him. Maybe some last minute decisions that made her change her mind? I may be dreaming, but for all those who have watched season one, we clearly know that any turn of events is quite possible. On another note, it seems that Sawako will finally get to meet the new male protagonist. Might we be lucky enough to get his name? More importantly, I am quite happy on who he fancies most, Kurumi or Sawako? If it does occur for him to have something for Kuronuma, I am quite unsure on how Kazehaya will react. If we remember well the misunderstanding that occurred with Ryu , during season one, Shouta was being quite overprotective and wanted to make sure that Ryu was not in his way. Luckily for Kazehaya, Ryu isn’t interested in Sawako, but what about the new student? Will he back down as easily? These are all things that I am dying to know.


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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. 1sohar  |  January 18, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    I’m so angry that kurumi didn’t change when it comes to manipulating sawako o_o WHY does sawako always believe her !!!!! “Mukatsuku”
    anyway, nice description!

    • 2. n1xx  |  January 19, 2011 at 5:38 am

      I think that’s just how she naturally is. More like Survival of the fittest when it comes to love. She always seems to find a strategy on the spot, to make Sawako do the wrong thing. I remember being pretty happy when she turned down Kurumi’s decision, in season 1, to support her love for Kazehaya. I have to admit that, sometimes, I would like Sawako to be a little brighter. And I also would like Ayane to witness Kurumi’s wrongdoings again, so that she can finally give her a beating. :’D But that’s far from what should happen anyway(Though being told off by her in season one was very enjoying to watch). I really adore the new male character and am upon judging that he is too good for Kurumi, if she doesn’t decide to soften up.

      And thanks! Though this is more than a description. It’s also a deep character analysis.

      • 3. 1sohar  |  January 20, 2011 at 1:00 pm

        Of course, i just didn’t want to get into the details! well, you do it better than me, actually 😀 Anyway, i agree with you about the new male character! He’s really wasted on Kurumi 😐

      • 4. n1xx  |  January 20, 2011 at 1:58 pm

        Wow, you make it seem so surprising. About my posts being good, that is. 😛 Well, this DID take me 6 hours to write, so I really take my blogging seriously. ^^ I feel that great series deserve that time. I’ve also noticed that you were inspired by my post-style. I’ll take that as a compliment. :]

        About Kurumi, indeed, she doesn’t deserve him! :’D He’s way too positive and great of a guy. In my opinion, if she doesn’t fix that attitude of hers, it will just kill the guy’s charisma(which is what always happens in an unhealthy relationship). On the other hand, she might change upon taking a liking to him. O:

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