Level E – Episode 1

January 16, 2011 at 11:48 pm 4 comments

level e - death

If you are a curious person by nature, you will find yourself drawn into the story before realizing it. An extremely funny and gripping anime with amazing CGI; as we would have to expect from every science fiction anime. Also, a great soundtrack, a bit too realistic for the sensitive ones, but still, the show is very gripping.

Opening theme : “Cold Finger Girl” by Kuriyama Chiaki level e - deathThis song was a good choice as the opening, it fits well with the anime’s genre.

Death : an alien on the planet The episode begins with an introduction that “draws the frame of the picture” and by chance, it looks a lot like the plot’s headlines of the movie “Men in Black”… Hundreds of alien species from all over the galaxy are living on Earth without getting noticed by the Earthlings. However, thus far, we don’t have a secret organisation like in “Men in Black”. level e - deathAnd as the explanations goes on, we assist to the crash landing of a UFO that apparently looks like a spaceship. Then, we meet with a new high school student who is scouted by Kisaragi HS (high school) to play baseball. Of course, on his way to the dormitory, a suspicious parrot follows him and he passes by some creepy kids staring at him. All the sweet mystery of science-fiction! After getting into his roomlevel e - death, he is shocked to find a stranger wearing his clothes and making himself comfortable. The stranger is surprisingly relaxed after being caught and he’s quite funny when he tells the HS student that he is an alien. We immediately understand that the alien is smart and sarcastic. He explains that his ship has crash landed last night, that he lost his memories and gives him an “object” Deathhe was gripping when he regained consciousness. Of course, the HS student doesn’t believe him and thinks of him as another weirdo (as every normal person would have thought); until he eventually pushes on the “self-destruction” switch! They pass all the details in the breaking news on the TV. As usual in these kind of show, the truth is hidden by the secret services or something like that. So, i thought that it would be the case here also, but i was wrong.

When i began to wonder about the HS student’s name, so that i can identify with the character, some introductions are made (the timing is perfect) :

level e - death

Edogawa miho, the next door neighbor and school mate, whose father is a researcher studying alien life and thus investigating the UFO. And finally, the HS student’s name is Tsutsui Yukitaka.

After using some useful (and funny) ways, the alien convinces Yukitaka to let him stay in his room. However, something else catches his attention: an object from the spaceship shown in the breaking news. The alien jumps from the fifth floor to go get it back. Yukitaka finally believes that the alien was saying the truth about his identity. Also, what makes him more certain about this, is the color of the alien’s blood (blue) and his capacity to regenerate while glowing like a star. level e - death But, while his regeneration, the object works like a projector in the Conan research laboratory revealing the alien’s identity!

The day after, some people came to see Yukitaka showing him a picture of the alien and ask him if he has seen him. Of course, he denied. I can understand his reaction, because of the fact that the alien looks like a human and that he got into an accident to save a cat. So, Yukitaka thinks that he is friendly. The alien, back to his room, displays a video of his true self to Yukitaka. This is the shocking part: his true form looks like a giant hideous bug, it’s name is “Clive”.

Ending theme : “(Yume) ~Mugennokanata~” by Vivid

I truly find the ending better than the opening; i just love this song.

Next episode: Run after the man

The hilarious fights between Yukitaka and “Clive” are not decreasing! Nevertheless,

level e - run after the man preview

people in black suits are obviously looking for the alien, whether it’s to kill him or to negotiate with him, we will find that the next time. This anime is sure funny and promising. I’m expecting a lot of action and fun!


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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Jeroz  |  January 17, 2011 at 6:48 am

    This series surprised me in a lot of ways. I wasn’t expect the comedy to be this good. The story is alright IMO, but the denpa level just keeps me interested in the series.

    Guess we found Nino’s older brother 😀 (arakawa reference)

    • 2. 1sohar  |  January 18, 2011 at 7:49 pm

      I agree with you, it surprised me too, it’s funnier than what i was expecting!
      Well, Nino isn’t as enthusiastic as the alien…but, what makes me laugh is his princely way to talk XD

      • 3. Jeroz  |  January 20, 2011 at 9:51 am

        If you read the cast you’ll realise that he’s being referred to as Prince in the credits

  • 4. 1sohar  |  January 20, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    that’s right! Prince Baka XD well i just don’t want to spoil anything!


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