Yumekui Merry! episode #2

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*Spoiler Alert*

As our hero and heroine recovers from the last incident, we are introduced to Fujiwara’s family (which looks non-related I must say) who kindly invite Merry to stay in their home. Surprisingly, they invite her to their family without knowing ANYTHING about her and her lifestyle. (It confused me too, but I have a feeling that it may or may not lead to something in the future) Not only that, but it turns out that the father of the family looks and acts like a stereotypical BADASS. Even though I do not fully accept that such basic characters was a good choice for this anime, however, it can open up a few holes in the story that hopefully future episodes will fill in later on. As for the sister, she feels unbalanced in a way that doesn’t seem to fit in the family. Sure she may seem like your typical, caring housewife, but her relations with Fujiwara himself feels out of place and makes them seem like childhood friends instead of siblings. Well despite these problems, we do get to see some scenes where Merry gets to explain to Fujiwara what is going on.

Apparently she is a Dream Demon who managed to use a vessel in order to experience the outside world. She isn’t sure of her purpose but she believes that finding other dream demons is the key to going back into the dream world. As we are then introduced a red-haired girl who let a Dream Demon into her life, we quickly realize that they have their own separate intentions and can choose to affect the outside world in a positive or negative manner. How certain people get chosen to be a vessel is still unknown but based on my current knowledge, I believe that it has something to do with the special dreams that each are given (at a young age too). With Merry’s recent encounter with John Doe, she believes that he may know how to get her back to the world that she is longing for which is the reason why she was trying to force Fujiwara to summon him again, even though she knew it was impossible.

Fujiwara can predict when John Doe will appear again however by looking at himself in the mirror and seeing if he sees colors on himself or not. If he does, he will just have another ordinary dream, if he sees no color then he will have another encounter with the dream demon. After noticing how lonely and lost she was, Fujiwara decides that he wants to do whatever is in his power to help her out, while Merry leaves the house deciding that it is best to do everything on her own .

Later on, a transfer student named  Chizuru Kawanami enters into Fujiwara’s high-school and we quickly discover that she is definitely not the friendliest kind of girl (A typical antagonist at that…well in animes like these anyways…). The episode didn’t give us that much insight of who she actually is but it leaves us with a hint that she is up to no good (or that nothing good will happen to her at least…). With her oblivious attitude and lack of being sociable/showing emotion, a I predict that she may be a vessel  for a evil Dream-Demon later on.

Before we could draw any real conclusions,  we see the red-haired girl again walking home from school as she sees a rusty object on the middle of the sidewalk. Absorbed with curiosity, she reaches out to touch it (Which I personally wouldn’t find myself normally doing). She quickly regrets it as the object turns out to be a trap used to take her to the dream world and is captured along with her Dream-Demon by some demonic chains and bear-traps. In the end, her Dream-Demon was killed leaving the vessel soul-less (it seems…) and aimlessly wandering around the streets of the outside world. As the episode ends, we see Merry continuing her search for the Dream-Demons as she concludes that she wants to handle her own dilemma by herself without any help. Fujiwara however thinks the opposite as he wants to repay the favor for her saving him. (Which feels realistic and hints that their goals with conflict with one-another resulting in a stronger relationship between the two.)This episode felt that it had a slower pace of events but at least it feeds us with some insight of what is going on. Hopefully, I will expect to see more exciting events to occur on the next one!~

(Ps: In case you are wondering why I am not putting up any scores, I have decided that it would be more efficient if I were to rate it at the beginning and end of every anime series I review~)



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