Naruto Shippuuden Episode #195

January 21, 2011 at 12:05 pm 3 comments

Naruto Shippuuden


Hi Everyone! Like the usual, Here’s another Filler episode of Naruto Shippuuden that “again” talks about the past/history of some of Konoha’s ninjas.

Well this time, episode #195’s story revolves about a village being raided by thieves (every harvest season) and to save this villager’s daughter. So they decided to hire ninjas from Konoha to take care of the problem.

So to start off, The anime is showing “the present” Konoha where Team 10 is asked to gather food for Konoha by catching Wild boars, then the flashback started when Shikamaru started to remember the things that happened to them in the past, that which helped them form their bonds stronger.

Team 7 and Team 10

Here’s both Team 7 and 10 doing their mission, to save the villager’s loli loli daughter and to stop the bandits from stealing their crops every season, In this pic, they’re standing inside the enemy’s base, trying to confront the leader and negotiating for their hostage’s release and safety. (another save the princes from the hands of evil episode. I feel like throwing tomatoes at them) ;A;


This is “da cute gurl” that they should save from the pedo-lovin, kid-groppin’ bandits.


Finally they decided to do something cute! You won’t see much of cute little moe lolis on watching the series lately, all you see are strong ugly men doing their jutsus.

You made dat loli gurl sad

So yeah, Old, useless, weak and ugly men loves to torture little girls and lock them up inside their office hide outs, I wonder what did the boss did to this girl, but I bet SHE WAS MOLESTED because of her cuteness. (someone call the child security agency and check up on this girl’s condition, poor girl) ;A;


DAT TEAM OF KIDS (more lolis and shotas)

*insert battle music here* so I’m gonna skip that part and some of the dramas and proceed to the “OH WE SAVED THE DAY AGAIN PART” where the heroes saves the princess.

Once again the day is safe thanks to… LOLWHAT! well this is the usual ending, and *skips more drama*.

So yeah, after the part where the genins save the day, you’ll notice that the part were Shikamaru, Choji and Ino were standing was on the outskirts of the “Present Konoha” (after Pain and Konan’s attack). So do you guys think that the end of all the filler episodes is coming? WELL I THINK NO! since, there’s another filler episode coming next week and we still have to watch that darn crap, but well, everyone’s excited to see the next part.

As for the manga, Naruto chapter 524 was released in and golly! *insert spoilers here* even in death Haku looks so damn gorgeous ;A;

and and I have 2 other pictures here but Idk where to put them since they’re so damn ugly.






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