Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? episode #2

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Continuing right where we left off, Ayumu runs away from the crowd filled with embarrassment (because he was wearing female loli clothes). Fortunately, he and Haruna managed to erase the memories of every witness in order to save his pride as a man ( I mean, who doesn’t know how to do that right? *sarcasm*).  I have to say though that the anime has a amazing library full of intense and dramatic moments despite its nature of being exactly the opposite (especially at the beginning of the episode). 4 weeks after the last incident, Ayumu starts to get used to his new life even though he hasn’t faced against any new monsters recently. However, living in a house with two girls (necromancer and masō-shōjo) made his once “normal” life into something out of the ordinary. This change isn’t necessarily a bad thing though since Haruna kindly made our zombie hero some lunch in the morning (wearing nothing but a apron, baggy pink shirt and panties might I add~). After unraveling his bento, he realizes that the only thing she could make is fried eggs and fried eggs only. These eggs however are not just regular eggs, these eggs are so good that they make the person joygasm after every bite (well, technically not JOYGASM but you get my drift). After Ayumu’s friend tries a piece,  everyone starts to trade their own food with his egg lunch.  I have always wondered what he did with the batch of subs and sandwiches that were traded to him…


Anyways, our hero returns home after school to see Haruna’s cheerful but arrogant grin (tsundere + little sister= moe~). Well, Aikawa doesn’t hesitate to fulfill his role of cooking in the house as Eucli doesn’t hesitate to show her hunger (along with Haruna). Of couse this will not end up being a normal meal since a mysterious guest randomly appears by the dinner table. Apparently her name is “Seraphim” and she is a ” vampire ninja” with a love for the ” Tsubamegaeshi secret sword technique” (as if being a ninja wasn’t crazy enough). As I said in the first review, this is NOT a anime you should take seriously. You will just end up kicking yourself in the butt trying to reason out these scenarios given.

Continuing where I last left off, Seraphim (aka. Sera) came here to request assistance from Eucli to accompany her to the village of ninjas. The necromancer however refuses her request and tells Aikawa to send her away. Sera then offers herself as a servant to Eucli (which Ayumu already is) and decides to fight the zombie in order to take his place. After minutes worth of fighting (which was epic I must say),  Sera losses and ends up being Aikawa’s servant instead. Of course with Aikawa’s perverted imagination, he was already fantasizing her with maid outfits and calling him “master”. We all know that by looking at Sera, this will NOT happen and so she harshly turns down his request with a insult attached. As time passes, Ayumu reflects back to the time when he first met our silent necromancer sitting by a little grocery market outside. I have to say that he is REALLY BAD when it comes to talking to women which makes it surprising that he is able to live with them today. If asking a girl if they like UFO’s doesn’t work, then it makes more sense to break-dance in front of them right? *more sarcasm* Well since Eucli isn’t a ordinary type of girl, she ends up being impressed by his actions (even though he sprained his wrist in the process). Even though it is heart-warming to see our hero enjoy his time talking to her, she never gives any expression to tell us if she feels the same way. After walking home from meeting her, he encounters a crime scene where he tries to save a mistress in trouble, which in turn leaves us with him getting stabbed and bleeding out. This is when Eucli revives him as a zombie and her servant ( which ends the flashback). The next day, Haruna gets into a non-serious fight with Aikawa and ends up telling him to go die. Eucli gets offended by this and slaps her as a result. Surprised, Haruna get confused over her actions and is left with the message saying that she should not take death  lightly. This turn of events surprised even me as I find Eucli’s character is quite unique compared to the other silent girls in anime. Even though I said this, I  have absolutely no idea what will happen next in the series and it will forever leave me in awe until the next episode arrives.


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