Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Episode #3

January 22, 2011 at 9:20 am 2 comments


Just when I was joking around in the last post, this week’s Madoka Magica hit us with something hard and mind blowing. If you haven’t picked up from reading my previous articles that this show is not your usual happy fluffy mahou shoujo show, then this episode will definitely hit you where it hurts a alot, and I mean A LOT.

The third episode brings us to the backstory of Mami, the girl who I had previous express my distrust upon. Her motivation is always hidden and ominous, especially when coupling with that freaky looking Kyubee. This episode however does shed some light into her past: Why is she living alone? what was her wish? what’s her reason behind that strong recruitment scheme? And most of all, what does she want out of it? Not only did this changed my perception of this character from a simple black and white way of look at things, she turn out to be a very interesting character and sets the precedent for possibly lots of shades of grey in the upcoming events and characters. I can’t say that I like her just yet, but I no longer hate her. Coupling that with some little side stories for Sayaka and Madoka’s mother, the pace at the beginning of the episode felt a bit slow.

As usual, the 2nd part is where all the crazy stuff is happening. We have a different witch, and so comes the different theme to Genki Curry’s extravagant art style. The framerate picked up a lot in this episode,which is a massive relief since my biggest disappointment from ep2 is the janky animation from the witch. The fight scene is as awesome as ever, with Mami taking the center stage again alongside her rifles. The action sequence is really cool, and also deserves repeated viewing. Oh and have I mentioned the name references to Strike Witches?

Click here for the awesome insane action gunplay

There’s also a big twist in this episode, I will not spoil it. Instead I’ll link you to my personal blog if you wish to see my thoughts after you watched the episode.

The OP has a little touch up in one scene, which is a nice surprise. Also, the animation for ED finally arrives, in accommodation of the general tone after that huge twist. My worries from last week all dispelled when I watched it simply because the storyboard is simple yet extremely effective. I especially like the Mephisto reference at the final scene, just purely awesome. One notable feature also in the ED is the inclusion of the silhouette of the red hair girl we found in the OP. We knew nothing about her yet from the OP and ED she seem to be one very important character. People are still speculating as to what kind of role she will play in the story. Personally I want to see a corrupted mahou shoujo in the vein of the current story setup.

Overall all this is one killer episode, one that’s mind blowing and quite delicious to watch. However let’s not get too ahead of ourselves at the moment. The series present itself with the dark atmosphere that the fans has been asking for since the announcement of  Urobuchi in the production team. Even with that twist, it’s still not grimdark enough nor unexpected enough for people who has been following his work. It’s highly possible though that the twist can have even severe implications that can cause a double whammy. Before that happens, I’ll hold my breathe for it. At the moment, I cannot get enough of this show.



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  • 1. Break  |  January 23, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    it wa sdammn freaky how kyubei still smiled when mami died…
    but i cant help but think that she will be revived soemhow, maybe through a wish, since it would be szrange that she is included in the op and ed animation if she would leave the stage just yet

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