Fractale – Episode #2

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The 2nd episode of fractale continues where the last one left off, more regarding to the world view is explores, we got ourselves a new loli, and she’s cute. Overall this episode does not contain any special highlights that couldn’t be found in the first episode (perhaps the loli maybe), but it didn’t let the viewers down either.

So we found ourself a Kana Hanazawa loli, Nessa, by the end of the last episode, and she’s quite a problem child in the sense that she contains too much energy. One moment she’s talking beside you, the next second she’ll disappear to another place fascinated by how this world works. In a sense she’s acting as our proxy; we know nothing regarding to the technology in this world, and why this world feels different than the one we are in. Having said that though, most of the episode is just showing off her energetic self, how she kept causing trouble to the people around her.

The concept of family bond is once again being brought up here. I’ll paraphrase what was said in the episode: “we are family and trusts each other which is why we can be miles apart”. This is what interests me considering that I’m also currently living in a student life separating from the rest of my family, and only contact through technology. As the town in fractale appears empty, the same can be said to some study-abroad students where the busy town can might as well be empty to them. It’s the loss of human bond in some part of the society which I see the show is trying to reflect on. Sure the technology is great, but being about to physically touching each other is also one of the most important aspect in the relationship.

Other than that though there are more mysteries popping up. Who are those 3 idiots and the guy that has been ordering them around? Why did Phryne left that brooch behind? Most importantly, what’s the true nature of Nessa? It’s obvious from what we’d seen so far that she’s neither human nor a doppel. She acts as a bridge between the two mediums, and how is she able to do it, and what implications does that bring?

So far the world presented is quite interesting. However I do have a small complaint of the events moving too slowly at the moment, even though it’s still early in the episode count. Right now this series can still be called a ghibli-like fantasy series and you won’t be far off. The tone is so relaxing and fun. Both NoitaminA series has stood out due to their gentleness in the tone and excellency in the execution. I do like though for this series to create a much more memorable identity. It’s early days, but I really wish it can do well.



Oh, and just because I’m a big pervert, why don’t you try clicking on the title picture? taking stuff out of context is always fun.


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