Naruto Shippuuden Episode #196

January 29, 2011 at 12:23 pm 3 comments

Naruto Shippuuden

Finally, the reign of the unwanted filler episodes has come to an end! Next week, Naruto Shippuuden is going back on track and and show us better episodes! huzzah! but anyway, before drooling over next week’s episode, here’s a recap of episode 196.

Huzzah, huzzah! Like last week, this episode has a “cute girl” (yay!) and there’s a cameo of Sasuke and the other members of Hawk ❤


Yes! They’re finally giving us some awesome juice! The makers of naruto finally decided not to prolong this massive surge of filler episodes and go to the real thing! YES, THE REAL THING!

So yeah, the Anime needs to catch up with the manga, but well, who cares! I’m so excited about next weeks episode, and I’m like ignoring this filler sh*t. (insert fan boy squeals here)

This Cute little Girl

They said that this girl is cute, well i think she is, it’s just that her eyebrows disturbs me, as a Fashion Police, YOU NEED A MAKE OVER KID!

Anyway back to the topic, like the previous episode, Naruto and Company must protect her from the “Bad Guys”. (too obvious right?) Well, that’s where the shinobis of konoha are good at, saving the good guys from the evil clutches of the shinobi world.


Say hello to the HBIC (Head B*tch in Charge). Haven’t seen her much lately? well In the next episodes, prolly you won’t see her much til she wakes up from her coma. Ironic-much? seen a lot of her cameos in the past and you won’t see her on the “very important” part of the Leaf Nation’s history, CROWNING THE SIXTH HOKAGE.

Anyway, Tsunade is recovering from her aging process, which I know you guys are afraid to look at. She’s like a rotten veggie ;A;.


So here’s my second to the last screen cap from today’s episode. I didn’t bother to get lots of them since there weren’t much goofy moments to screen cap. Anyway, I think that it would be better if we guys will take a look at this pic now, we won’t be seeing much goofy faces when the real shippuuden goes back on track. THERE WILL BE LOTS OF SRS BZNESS MAN! no more lolcat faces for you!

*I’m totally bashing this episode due to my excitement for the next, FFFYEAH! Naruto is getting more awesome than Bleach, though I must say bleach has better story lines/arcs than naruto.

Another Awkward moment

I think that this pic deserves a bigger space rather than the other four I posted above. FFYEAH! I know that this thing is a lie! Sasuke would never do such a thing in front of the international audience just to humiliate himself LMAO!


I know you guys have seen the preview to the next episode, and I bet you guys are excited much as I am. So better prepare your ninja weapons and your scrolls because the real thing starts next week!

As for the manga, things are getting better! But yeah, I think that things are better when they’re animated, It would be best for us to wait and sit our asses of til the series reach is goal!

and now I’m ending this week’s post. ❤



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