Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Episode #4

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I was wrong. I knew this series will turn out depressing, but I didn’t expect how this to be so uncomfortable. Even though I thought I’d been mentally prepared after what happened at the end of ep3, this episode still attack my sanity from another angle. It’s not as sudden and unexpected, but more in the term of suffocating and overwhelms you with negative emotion.

The title for this episode is “Both miracles and magic exist”. After the lesson from the last episode, you knew that the seemly positively notion of the phrase can always carry a sinister undertone. It’s never going to end well in this story. How this statement will turn out bad, we’ll have to watch the episode to find out.

The aftermath of a major traumatic incident is always hard to stomach (please excuse the pun). However we learn a lot more about the characters, especially Madoka herself, from their actions after the event. We gain an insight into her psyche, her response from experiencing the exact same that hurt us from the episode. The composer done a wonderful job with the BGM conveying the atmosphere, the scene itself is so beautiful. I wasn’t aware of it the first time because i was so caught up in the emotion, but in the 2nd watching I realise how good the music augment the tone. It’s such a bittersweet memorial moment that it’s a fitting tribute. The episode toyed with our emotion by kept reminding ourselves scenes that we don’t want to see. I thought my scars had healed, but guess that wasn’t the case.

More is known about Homura and her actions toward the trio. Her experiences as a mahou shoujo shed some light into the system. The internet expected that it’s never fun in this series’ interpretation, and Homura told us a lot more into their mentality. It felt like being a  mercenary, and also people who signed their soul away to the devil. What seem like a bright and hopeful role just has a much darker outlook. The future all look grim for those young girls. We anticipated that this would’ve be the case, but the way they tell us is just so uncomfortable. With the introduction of the new Mahou Shoujo, Mami’s role is also explained further.

This episode also delves more into the relationship between Sayako and Touma, the boy in the hospital. It was revealed that what happened in between those two is never that simple, their attitude toward this relationship is quite different than we first though. This relationship and its implication will play a lot into Sayaka’s story; her rise, and her impending doom. This is most likely to be the focus come the next few episodes.

Even as a cool down episode after that big twist at the end of ep3, this 24minute didn’t feel like a let down. Instead it build on that pessimistic atmosphere created by that incident, and expand it further to toy with our heartache. This episode could’ve been a let down, could’ve just went for the traditional route in term of the story. It didn’t, and I love Urobuchi for it. The use of the music is so well done throughout the whole episode, and I love the final scene, actually giving me chills. More is known about the world, yet at the same time, more questions are raised as usual.

Simply put, the outlook is grim, but I’ll definitely pull through observing Madoka’s journey. If she can do it, then we shouldn’t give up so easily. Sigh, how is it possible that a mahou shoujo show can be so depressing. I thought anime watching is suppose to be relaxing and fun.



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