Fractale – Episode #3

January 31, 2011 at 10:42 pm Leave a comment

After an  episode full of loli goodness, this week’s fractale moves on to putting in more emphasis onto giving us more insight toward the world; how the fractale system works, and why is it collapsing. Overall the episode feel like a good step into the right direction.

After the event at the end of ep2, Clain and Nessa found themselves in a new environment. We see a completely different side of the world, one that’s not completely overwhelmed by the coldness of technology. The contrast between this one and the group of caravans from ep2. The discussion on the merit of excessive technology is talked about here. The theme of this story is becoming more apparent and I quite like how they tackle this idea. This show is less and less like the “Ghibli look-alike” and slowly building a life of its own. The first half is really peaceful.

Kana Hanazawa’s performance as Nessa really shines in this episode once again, her energetic personality lighten up the mood quite well throughout. Enri also shines after her idiotic antics in the previous episodes. The characters are becoming quite likable, and helped a lot by the vast improvement in the animation department. The fluidity in the movements helps a lot in conveying their liveliness. With 21 artists working on the episode itself, it’s no wonder why ep3 looks so smooth.

What makes me interested in this episode is the climax. With the eco terrorism in display, the episode shows more violence than I previously expected. Granted it’s not the full on shock as in Madoka Magica, but still a pleasant surprise nontheless. There are also other information given out during the action scene, which confused the ****out of me though.

Whatever happens, this episode is showing fractale as something different. It’s not extraordinary as of the moment, but it’s no longer a bland loli-fest. I’m glad to see this series to have some unique elements. It’s sad to see that this series does not receive the recognition it deserves though, with the rating dropping with each ep.


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