Level E – Episodes 2&3

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I never expect a 3 ep short arc can be so different in tone, that I feel like that I got trolled badly by Yoshihiro Togashi(the original mangaka). Simply put, the way they resolve the building conflict is so out of this world (literally speaking) that my jaws hurt from dropping too much. At the same time my forehead hurts badly from facepalming myself that I didn’t manage to pick up those hints before. This first volume is simply one genius work, and hints of greater things to come.

story rundown, might contain spoilers:

The Prince had a walk outside the room despite of the ongoing search from the laboratory, had a fight with the local thugs. Meanwhile 3 fellow aliens in smart suits drop down from the ship in the search for him, get in contact with an alien race on earth who is notorious for being extremely aggressive. What happens afterward is series of one bad luck after another and ends up with a standoff between the dangerous group and the main protagonists.

Episode 3 however did end up with one massive twist that’s so intelligent and a massive slap to your face that it’s brilliant. Don’t beg me, I’m not telling you what is happening

so mean~

Even with the old style character design you can’t stop but love their performances, the seiyuu did a extremely wonderful job conveying the key characteristics for their own character. I cannot imagine the series another way without those great voice overs.

I am loving the comedy right now, it’s so smart and so unexpected and fun. Considering that this series is an adaptation from a 1996 short manga series, this type of humour felt so refreshing and great. It’s likely that, judging from what happened at the end of this ep, what happens afterwards will be a number of episodic content. I’m not complaining though, sometimes for a great comedy to work it needs to be short and straight to the mark.

(P.S. Sorry for having only the screenshots for ep3, don’t have ep2 with me atm)


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