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Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Episode #8

The descent to darkness is never a fun spectacle. The grief, the anger, the pity, the pain, all those negative emotions just flying out of the screen as the viewers observe the torturous path Sayaka has to go through. If the previous episodes of this series feel like we are on a roller coaster, then episode 8 is the start of the derailing, where it’s a complete free fall from now on.



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Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Episode #7

The latest Madoka Magica episode is not the most shocking, but at the same time could be said to be the darkest so far. We slowly sees the effect of the revelation from the past few episodes building up, affecting those that matters. Little things accumulates and their consequences really makes you question the tried and proven(?) concept of mahou shoujo.


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Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Episode #6

The death clock has once again grace us with its presence after 2 weeks of false alarms. Episode 6 is just as good as the one 3 weeks earlier, if not more dramatic and frightening. Most notably, what looks like the final destination of the series has been revealed. This episode is such a roller coaster ride it’s not funny.


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To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Episode 18

just what might be in this order?

Okay, this episode starts with some Styil/archbishop epicness, including a little lovers quarrel(I happen to find the Archbishop’s personality and voice very awesome).

Where Styil asks her about some order that was given, foreshadowing greater events, he also disturbs her in her bath, which leads to soaked clothes fanservice and a little proof at either how close they are or how angry Styil is about this… we will see! (more…)

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To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Episode 17

With the beginning of the next arc, they also finally introduce the second opening for season two, “I’ve sound”, which i find very awesome due to its Animation which has some awesome scenes, good Animation quality and a cut that fits the beat well, plus it features some major awesome shots of the Characters, especially Accelerator.

Accelerator awesomeness.


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Naruto Shippuuden Episodes #197-198

Naruto Shippuuden


After months of waiting patiently we’re now going to see the much awaited “non-filler” episode of Naruto Shippuuden! YAY! *spoilers here* If you don’t want to spoil yourself then watch the anime first LOL! I bet that most of you guys are excited to see this first episode of Season 10 much as I do! ❤

–Spoilers ahead, enter if you want to read– (more…)

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Starry Sky episodes #1-2

BISHOUNEN OVERLOAD! That’s the first thing I said when I first laid my eyes on this series. I know that this Starry Sky blog post is a bit late since I started watching the first 2 episodes just now. Anyway *insert fanboy squeals here*


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