Yumekui Merry Episode #3

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*Spoiler Alert*

Continuing from the last episode, Yumeji sketch’s a basic outline between the dream world and the outside one (known as reality) while sorting out his thoughts of the matter. Given what we know, he does not have any special plans on finding Merry again but that fact alone does not burst his overflowing confidence. Meanwhile, we are introduced to a young and clumsy girl playing  in a public park by herself (It was only a short scene so it felt kind of awkward at first). We automatically cut back to our hero helping his sister carry groceries back home while chatting about his own ambitions of finding and helping the dream demon. His sister (who could just be a childhood friend) then implies that his ability to not back down is only due to his natural personality rather than emotional willpower on the given situation. This hints to us that his personality will be very rich with importance as our hero and heroine face challenging foes later on in the anime. Usually, when hero’s have goals that involve helping or being with a specific heroine there will be a complex growth in their relationship that may lead to a romance in the future. I am not ENTIRELY sure that Yumeji and Merry will develop romantic feelings for each other but expect to see some little HeroxHeroine fan-service scenes as the story progresses (aka. blushing between the two, etc). Getting back to the story, the little girl (Minato) wanders around the park and notices Merry sitting on top of a tall electricity tower while drooling over the thought of a variety of doughnuts (her favorite food). Fugiwara on the other hand, sits in his house/cafe with his friend Saki while watching a fortune teller TV-show (starring a superhero who looks a lot like a red power ranger). Unfortunately his fortune was brought to a negative note,  telling him to be “especially careful about what’s ahead”. We then get a peek at what Chizuru is up too as she drinks a can of coffee in a plain, worn-down apartment (that looks like it is under construction). We can see a weird “x” design on each of her pupils indicating that she is definitely a vessel possessed by a dream demon. As lifeless as she is at the moment, she places a empty can of coffee next to her pile of cans and looks at the burnt out light-bulb. It is hard to tell if she can be a potential antagonist through this scene since she look COMPLETELY harmless and innocent through her lack of activity during her spare time. As the dream-demon fades back into the vessel, she goes back into her anti-social behavior (she also appears to have been informed about her current situation ALONG with additional secrets that will forever leave us in wonder). Minato stares at a couple of kids playing jump-rope from over the railing, you can clearly see that she feels lonely and depressed but tries to hold it back. Through the sound of the bells, she excitedly sits down to pull out her snack (with Merry sitting behind her) which ends up being a donut. Having Merry see this, she looms in closer to have a look at this delicious donut and starts drolling in a funny but pitiful manner. Noticing this, the girl kindly splits her donut in two and offers it to the drolling demon. Merry of course takes it without hesitation as she stuffs it in her mouth with delight. This leads the two in a friendly discussion which gives us some more information on what Merry plans to do next. We also get a heads up on the little girl’s current dilemma as she claims that she can never make any friends because her only friend named “Ichima” (suspicious right?). Not only that, she says that Merry and Ichima are “kind of alike” (the music playing during that scene felt kind of creepy while setting the mood~) We then see Yumeji walking in the park by himself,  on his quest to find Merry but is instead greeted by a empty can to the face. Confused, he sees Minato running towards him while apologizing. Apparently she is playing “Kick the Can” with no other then Ms.Nightmare.  Of course our hero doesn’t realize this until Merry falls out of a tree behind him and ends up landing on top of Fugiwara (for the second time might I add). As time passes, the two start arguing over her sudden disappearance before the little girl starts questioning their current relationship. After Yumeji learns about the girl’s situation, he tells her that it isn’t that difficult to make some friends and that she should bring Ichima as well. However, the girl tells him that she doesn’t appear in daylight (we should all know what THAT means by now). Our Hero and Heroine don’t seem to question this answer but they do get a little suspicious over this matter. Despite the suspicion, Yumeji proposes a competitive game of “Kick the Can” as everyone accepts his challenge. In the end, both Merry and Fujiwara seemed to underestimate Minato and end up getting their butts kicked as a result.  Before the girl leaves back home, Yumeji decides that he should give her a little fortune telling with his special eye and quickly discovered that she is covered in darkness (like he was before he had the dream with John Doe).  Shocked, Fujiwara stands frozen as Merry gets concerned over what is going on. Suddenly before they both realize it, she gets sucked into a day dream and meets Ichima who is finally exposed as a dream demon. However, she did not expect to see some new faces as they interrupt her little “union” ceremony. Not only that, the dream demon realizes that Minato broke her promise and made new friends. After the battle, Merry was unsuccessful in trying to to reach the dream world yet again and the girl was finally free to make some more friends. Yumeji confronts Merry and tells her about his abilities and how it can help her and to wrap it all up, she refuses his offer. Yes it may end the episode in a awkward note but it gives the anime itself a less predictable vibe (which is good~). The animations always seem to amaze me and the variety of music never gets old~ I apologize for the lateness of this review and hopefully I will finish another one by tomorrow!


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