Naruto Shippuuden Episodes #197-198

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Naruto Shippuuden


After months of waiting patiently we’re now going to see the much awaited “non-filler” episode of Naruto Shippuuden! YAY! *spoilers here* If you don’t want to spoil yourself then watch the anime first LOL! I bet that most of you guys are excited to see this first episode of Season 10 much as I do! ❤

–Spoilers ahead, enter if you want to read–

THE GOOD THING IS THAT, this week we have two “new episodes of Naruto Shippuuden and I am combining them to make a long post about the week’s 2 episodes.

Episode 197:


Hot Ninja Babe on the loose! They’re giving us now free sexy blonde shells for watching naruto ❤ (isn’t that great?).

Well, we first saw this femme fatale from reading the manga and now she’s in the series seeking for revenge for what Sasuke’s group did to her master (the other thing is that, she’s being accompanied by two other *cough less important cough* ninjas from her village).

*In this part Samui’s team is in search for the Hokage (which is Tsunade who’s in the state of coma, being replaced by Danzo which gave everyone a shock since the decision was made by the feudal lords).

Dat sexy twink!

*Sai enters the scene after talking to Danzo* Things are now in the “WTF did happen mode” well, Sai has a major role in this episode where he gets called back by Danzo from a mission where he and Anko must trace Orochimaru’s hideout. Aside from getting called back, Danzo gives him more burden by tracking Naruto’s every move (which I think that he doesn’t really like… OH TRUE FRIENDSHIP, *SHEDS TEARS*).

Things are now heated up with Sai, questioning Danzo about what does he “really” plan about Naruto. (well all of these questions will be answered in the next episodes so better watch out.


Oh speaking of the other ninjas accompanying Samui, here they are! LOLOLOL! they’re like having a “LOL U MAD, WTF BRO?, TROLOLOLOL!, COOL STORY BRO” conversation with Naruto, finding out Sasuke’s “Likes, Dislikes…” oh wait, what I mean is that these two are asking for Sasuke’s techniques, location and other things that would help them in tracking Sasuke. As you can see, they’re both talented with moves. I don’t know about the jutsu, but the Latest Chapter of Naruto (Chapter 527) shows some of their moves.


So, yeah, I heard that you guys knew that Sasuke is a member of the akatsuki… Sakura is like: NO U GUYS! U LIE WTF IS THIS SHIT GURL? Confrontation time and it seems that both characters have no idea about what happened to their super BFF sasuke.

Well HELLEW! the anime is so late that most of us watchers have read this through the manga, so I’m just exaggerating things for the sake of entertainment and laughing at their “seemingly butthurt expression”. (ohohohoho why are you guys so shocked?)


SASUKE DIDN’T DO THIS AND HE WOULDN’T DO THAT! Well naruto, what you thought he didn’t do.. for crying out loud he did all of those crimes and stop acting like a stupid guy! You already knew that these things are bound to happen since you’re BFF is a hot twinky jerk who loves to do bad things too boost his popularity with women, so stop acting as if you really “didn’t know what happen”.

Anyway, in this part, he’s trying to tell the hidden cloud ninjas that he’s willing to help them in search for the eight tailed beast AND FAWK! he Just blew his secret about being a Jinchuuriki (which is a stupid move!). Well now everybody knows your secret!

Epic Face is Epic

Okay… Since you look good in this picture, I am making this pic a bit bigger than the ones uploaded above. AND FAWKING FANPERSON KYAAAA! He does look good in this shot!

For once, you made a good looking shot of your face Naruto! You actually don’t look goofy and stupid in that pose! I’m sure that you’re attracting a lot of fan people right now!

Anyway I am ending my Episode 197 post here and start with the next episode, which I think is a bit more exciting than this one LOL! YAYAYAYAYAY! FOR THIS NEW UN-FILLER EPISODE HOORAH!

Episode 198:

So this episode is just a continuation of the previous one where Naruto get beaten up by the hidden cloud ninjas, but before going to that part, there was a recap where Sasuke and his underlings were ambushed by Tobi (Madara) and told them about the failure they caused (not catching the 8 tailed beast) and what originally happened to konoha.

One hot blooded azn

As you can see in Sasuke’s face, HE’S MAD, LIKE U MAD BRO? anyway, he’s mad about Zetsu’s report about Konoha getting destroyed by Pain and his minions so as Naruto being able to defeat Pain and the fact that Naruto is getting stronger, and probably stronger than he is.

Another reason why he’s mad is because DANZO BECAME THE HOKAGE, so he’s like DUDE WTF IS THIS SHIT? U MAD BRO? well truefacts, He’s mad about danzo being the 6th and still mad at him for making Itachi do his dirty work.

Let’s move on, so Taka and the others, along with the white Zetsu (which I find Really really macho than its black counterpart) are heading to the five kage’s summit, oh well watch the next episode for this.


So I’m giving you guys another cool side about Naruto, Well I think he looks cool on this picture. I am not referring to his face but for what he did by not selling information about his best friend Sasuke. ANYWAY, Let’s not talk about this and talk about how stupid he looks on this shot, he looks really funny and LOL, don’t forget that he looks stupid and should feel stupid for what he did 😛

Aside from continuously being beaten by an angry tomboy-ish chick, Sai came to the rescue, and helped Naruto from the clutches of the evil chick from another city.

I'm an angry chick!

GWAAAAWR! U STOLE MAH CHEECKUNZ! IMMA BEAT YOU LIEK A PULP! So yeah, she was in that mood back when I was watching the latest episode. Well instead of getting beaten by this choco chick, Naruto should’ve just given info about Sasuke, well he didn’t do anything so yeah, he sucked! (oh well predicting things won’t change the fact that naruto gets beaten lol).

Samui Samui Samui

Well As of now, Samui is my favorite female character, Aside from Guren from the three tails arc. But yeah, we don’t know what she’s capable of, unless if you guys seen Naruto chapter 527. Back to the topic, she tells her men to stop beating up Naruto and doing reckless moves will make them end up getting killed by the opponent. Awesome thinking GIRL! unlike your other immature companions, you showed them what a true leader is by acting maturely and showing your sexy front!

After all of the commotion, Sai brings Naruto to Kakashi and Yamato and talked about heading over the 5Kage’s summit. and that concludes today’s episode.

AND AND AND, I am so excited about next week ❤ ❤ ❤ (how about you guys? I bet you guys are!)


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