Starry Sky episodes #1-2

February 10, 2011 at 5:13 am 1 comment

BISHOUNEN OVERLOAD! That’s the first thing I said when I first laid my eyes on this series. I know that this Starry Sky blog post is a bit late since I started watching the first 2 episodes just now. Anyway *insert fanboy squeals here*

Shota shota shota

One thing I can tell you is that Starry Sky is one awesome Game-based turned into an anime series. It’s like the “typical fairy-tale” like animes that we have seen, the only thing different is that It has only an 11 minute airtime. I’m sure that most of you guys are more excited about watching “Kimi ni Todoke” but in my opinion you guys should watch this series too but yeah, different arcs might confuse the audiences too.

So yeah As for the music is concerned, I think that the background music matches to the entire theme of the anime, the romantic mood never dies and listening to the background music alone gives me this feeling of excitement . Graphics/Way it is animated: I’m giving this series a 4 thumbs up (YES 4, I’m including the thumbs of my feet) I like the way they are presented, the boys are just “soooooooo” bishounen-ishly bishounen ❤

Anyway, back to the main topic, about the episodes, I think a lot of you guys have watched the first episodes so yeah, I’m going to put some spoils,

Yoh-kun ❤

THE SCHOOL IS ABOUT STARS! I’m not just talking about pretty boys as stars, but actual stars! Constellations like The big dipper, Orion and lots more! They even have a mystery department which I find really weird, but I think it is interesting. So yeah, this Astronomical/Astrological school has only one female student (well it is obvious that she’s the focal point of the entire series)… Yahisa Tsukiko, (I’m gonna upload a pic below ❤ ❤ <3) and YESSERIE, I Like Tomoe Yoh, but I haven’t seen the other guys yet so I’m gonna watch more episodes ohohohho!

Pretty Girl ❤

The Girl that everyone’s rooting for, Well she’s the only girl in the series, and the only girl enrolled in this former “All Boys School”. In my opinion, she looks so plain yet she gives this romantic impact. Anyway, I kinda like her when she was small (sorry for not uploading a loli pic of her haha). I wonder why Tsukiko gets all of the boys in the yard… with her plain looking “face” (such a mean thing to say, but she’s indeed “plain”). Well my opinion might change in the next episode so yeah!


HOH MAH GAWD! Isn’t romantic? well yeah, IT IS, but not as romantic as Kimi ni Todoke, but I appreciate their efforts in doing this simple kiss on the cheeks. Well I am expecting more romantic vibes next episode, and I hope that they don’t fail my expectations — wait they haven’t failed me yet since the anime is full of pretty looking boys LOL (I do sound like a pedo in the part, but that’s the truth, SO MUCH PRETTY LOOKING BOYS!)

And speaking of other good looking boys, here are some of them ❤ ❤ ❤ *kyaaaa! squeals like a fan person*. Kanata on the Left and Suzuya on the right (I LIKE SUZUYA MORE THAN KANATA THOUGH) anyway pretty boys will remain pretty boys, and I bet you guys that there are more of them in the next episode, as you have seen in their “ending guitar like theme” as they give a background of the other “pretty boy” characters ❤ ❤ ❤

And oh, speaking of the ending theme, It is so simple that it rocks so much! and it feels as if you’re playing the actual game in a way of watching it (wait what! I am confused with what I typed). So yeah, here’s the first “late blog post” for this series and I’m gonna start with my second one ❤


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