To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Episode 17

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With the beginning of the next arc, they also finally introduce the second opening for season two, “I’ve sound”, which i find very awesome due to its Animation which has some awesome scenes, good Animation quality and a cut that fits the beat well, plus it features some major awesome shots of the Characters, especially Accelerator.

Accelerator awesomeness.

Now the Episode focuses mainly on two themes, Touma’s and Misaka Mikoto’s penalty game, weich somehow turns out to bei very unpleasantly for Mikoto due to Kuroko misunderstanding it and thinking of it as a date, as well as Mikoto herself seemingly thinking about it as that, which totally messes up Mikoto’s plans here~

yeah. okay...

this gives for some Comedy. There also is a short Scene of Index and Touma begging desperately for recipes for Somen since the have so much of it, and another little appearance of out all favourite rotating maid, Tsuchimikado’s younger sister, wo is apparently very happy about having made some frills on her sleeves^^
Speaking about Accelerator, the more awesome half of the episode  focuses on him, Last Order and partly on the other  MISAKA-sisters as well. The theme here Shows how Accelerator and Last Order came out of the hospital, and getting rehabilitated in the luxourios flat of the ponytailed antiskill member whose name i forgot. It also shows  how Accelerator can’t even hear properly without that little machine on his neck, the braun damage he sustained while rescuing Last Order before seems to be mainly on his centers for sensual Information, like hearing, and also on his centers for the calculations he has to perform to uze his powers properly-those are now taken by Last Order and the MISAKA-Network (kinda Romantik, isn’t it?). While Toumas Amnesia seems to be  caused by the damage to the Hippothamus he seems to have sustained from Index Dragon Breath in season 1; the place where the feather landed as well as the kind of his Amnesia indicate that.
Also, Accelerator had a kind of “begging in Touma’s shoes “ Moment , when he decided to take a shower and walked into last Order and the Otter two showering- a Situation

Now he gets how it's done, too. Can anyone get enough of her?

they solved very differently than Touma, because Accelerator doesn’t exaggerate it and except for Last Order  getting kinda embarrassed, nobody really cares

-what seems to have annoyed Last Order, who called Sister 10032 to talk about it- a conversation between MISAKA-clones is quitt interesting to wach, and Ends with the preise of Sister 10032 ging to revolt, annoyed at Last Order stealing her night vision. All in all, the Episode didn’t contain much action, but introductions and stuff for every main chara in Academy City and their daily lives, (also a little episode of Tsuchimikado, his and Touma’s bluehaired friend who is a lolicon M and has an interesting personality (and seemed badass enough for me in that Scene to be a bit sad that he didn’t have any Major roles in the story yet due to his lack of superpowers^^) and another Episode of foul of the MISAKA-sisters, showing how their personalities are awesome and how the are still individuals who have differences, even though its hard for them to acknowledge this.)
Also, the drawing style of Accelerator lest us see his red eyes better the in the first season, where it was kinda hart to see and the looked more like they were black.

now we can see his hairstyle and eyes very well.

Hope you liked this review, even though i may have fanboyed a bit too much about Accelerator, Last Order and the SISTERs, not to mention going off-topic talking about brains. ^^

nice screencap from the op.


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