To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Episode 18

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just what might be in this order?

Okay, this episode starts with some Styil/archbishop epicness, including a little lovers quarrel(I happen to find the Archbishop’s personality and voice very awesome).

Where Styil asks her about some order that was given, foreshadowing greater events, he also disturbs her in her bath, which leads to soaked clothes fanservice and a little proof at either how close they are or how angry Styil is about this… we will see!

archbishop epicness right ahead!

So, now a little fanservice scene featuring Touma’s harem room:
Yes, the nuns and “the Saint” don’t know how to use a laundry machine…
Now starting the main image of the episode: Touma flirting with MISAKA and preferring her before Misaka Mikoto, and, of course, fleshing out those characters more… Some interesting conversation is made, as MISAKA 10032 sees right through Mikoto’s tsundereness… And now, all Misaka types gathering when Last Order appeared. Playing and then, tagging along with Touma, while Accelerator searches for her and  meets up with Index. An interesting conversation about Accelerator’s feelings and past is made, and it’s shown that he really cares a lot for Last Order- he has a pic of her on his cellphone- .

The preview lets us hope for great things in the next episode, even though this one was epic in its own way, too.

And judging from the opening, they might spend all of the episodes left on this arc, not rushing it anymore, possibly making it epic.

So, let’s end it with my Accelerator’s favorite line in this episode:

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