Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Episode #6

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The death clock has once again grace us with its presence after 2 weeks of false alarms. Episode 6 is just as good as the one 3 weeks earlier, if not more dramatic and frightening. Most notably, what looks like the final destination of the series has been revealed. This episode is such a roller coaster ride it’s not funny.

One of the biggest information revealed in Episode 6 is the existence of Walpurgisnacht, or simply “witches’ night”. The event, according to Homura, will take place in 2 weeks from now. From the look of the name it’s obvious that this will be the climax of the season, and possibly is what Madoka saw in her dream at the beginning of the first episode. Also, Kyoko playing DDR!!!!!

Kyubey never cease to make me want to punch him in the face. His constant harassment on Madoka, and his presence just brings a nasty feeling. We don’t know how much information he has been hiding away from us all this time, including that too much cleansing will hatch the grim seed and also that he FKIN EATS THOSE SEEDS! Kyubey just doesn’t seem like a character that you can trust. He has to be the first mascot that’s so truly hated amongst the viewers. I won’t be surprised if he turned out to be a final boss.

Contrary to what most of us believed at the end of the last episode, there’s no big fights between the Magical Girls. Instead of just flashy battle sequences we were treated to last time, the main focus of this episode is actually the words from Madoka’s mum. Countless people has already stated their frustration at Madoka’s inability to do anything significant. Sure she saved those group suicide people, but apparently that is not enough to those viewers. It’s understandable since she’s a young kid caught in the world of madness, yet the main theme of the show is preventing her from becoming one with power, at least so far. She lamented her powerlessness, her inability to make a difference even though her friends are suffering. The biggest problem is, she has done nothing wrong so far. At the same time if you asks her to do more than she’s capable of, its suicide for her. Madoka is really in a very tough situation at the moment. Therefore her mother’s words are quite important considering the context.

The words themselves nothing special. If you are doing everything you could but things still go wrong, then try something different. There’s no true justice in this world. Everyone’s justice are always conflicting with other people’s own version. To stay true to your own justice means ignoring those that surrounds you, and those conflicts will eventually bring in an unhappy ending to everyone involved. This point was raised from Homura a couple of episodes back; Madoka’s kindness will bring sadness. It’s hard to blame Madoka because she’s doing what she thought is right, and from an outsider’s point of view she has done nothing wrong, yet no significant change will happen because of it.  Sayaka’s determination for following her way of justice is most likely to be her downfall. Footnote: Urobuchi (the scriptwriter) stated that he does not believe in a good ending. In his worlds, things will eventually turned into chaos by nature.

Madoka eventually practised her mother’s advice at the final part of this episode, and the results are truly shocking. I will not spoil it, but I can say that it is really bad to my heart while watching it. At the same time a huge revelation regarding to Kyubey’s mahou shoujo system is presented, so is Homura’s ability. This last 4 minute of the episode had me on the edge of my seat. Not because what I expected to happen like in ep5, but what is actually shown on screen. Truth to be told, I found tears in my eyes by the time the ED came up. It’s just that traumatising for me, for some reason.

The character relationships continue to developments. Whether it’s the hatred from Sayaka towards Homura, the bad blood between Kyoko and Sayaka, the pact for cooperation between Homura and Kyoko, or even seeing Madoka failing at trying to be the mediator, the progression is there. On the side note, I really like both Homura and Kyoko’s character now.

Madoka Magica continues to defy our expectations and hit us at the worst possible points we didn’t expect. It’s one enjoyable roller coaster ride and it would be interesting to see where Urobuchi takes the story next. I gave up speculating the upcoming content because Urobuchi will always find one alternative that’s worse than what i can imagine.  This series never cease to amaze me. It’s kind of sad really, because if it’s just any other shonen/mainstream storyline everything will turn out just fine. The characters are there, they are doing the things you would’ve expect from a typical story. However the world does not suit them. I’d read so many speculations of what might have happen if Urobuchi is not the writer, and that “what-if” is really heartbreaking.

little trivia: if you flip this image horizontally it writes the kanji for death






Kore wa zombie desu ka? iie,  Masou Shoujo~


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