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Naruto Shippuuden Episode #205

You're doing it wrong boy!

Like the other Naruto Episodes from the previous season, this one is just full of “Talks” (all sorts of them).

Spoiler alert: has a lot of spoilers.

So, they have decided to start Season 10 with a “All-star drama episode”.

To be honest I am quite dismayed with the episode, It was all Drama + Raikage rage + Drama + Drama + Madara explains his plan (ALSO DRAMA) + Drama + Drama + Panning the 4th Great ninja war (Drama) + *Changes scene* + Naruto does an emo moment then Sakura Arrives + Drama = Ending song + Next week’s Episode will start with a Drama part.



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Naruto Shippuuden Episode #203-204

This is a combined “review” for both episodes #203 and 204.

Is it just me or these two episodes are filled with surprise sexiness?

Speaking of sexy, Sasuke (The series’ “Sexiest man”) does some of his moves and tries to fend for himself against both the Kazekage, Raikage and their subordinates.

Another sexy thing inside this box of sexy: Juugo shows his other self and tries to match up with The Muscular “Raikage”. (Ain’t that sexy?) Anyway I don’t find the Raikage sexy, he’s just a “grizzly bear”  who kept on using “steroids” to give himself a muscle, other than that, he’s fucking old and creepy. (more…)

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To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Episodes 19 & 20

Coming up next, a combined review for To aru majutsu no Index II episodes 19 and 20.

This is where the daily life ends and the action and drama of this arc starts , with the sudden appearance of two hitmen one coming from the science side and being after Last Order-actually the scientist who “made” Accelerator, Kihara. he has no power, but he is a scientist and a hitman and he seems pretty cold-blooded. He and Accelerator also seem kinda similar in character and their choice of shirts, i wonder if they are maybe bloodrelated. (more…)

March 27, 2011 at 11:37 am 1 comment

Sakura Kiss Chorus – Preview

A preview of the first chorus made and sung by members of the MegaKi Chorus/Fandub Group!

We are still recruiting singers for our future chorus projects! So please don’t hesitate to write up a comment with your application. We will be more than happy to receive more participants. ❤ (more…)

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Yumekui Merry – Episodes #4 & 5


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Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Episode #10

– “I Won’t Depend on Anyone Anymore”

I knew I had been stressing this point for a while, but Madoka Magica is the best show that I’d seen in a long time. After two initial setting in lackluster episodes the emotional rollercoaster just will not stop. Urobuchi manages to capture the viewer’s deepest emotions and implement it into the story itself, at the same time brings out the best of what he’s given. Taking the basic premise of the mahou shoujo genre, he managed to create one story that is memorable for many years to come


March 13, 2011 at 9:01 am 2 comments

Naruto Shippuuden Episode #202

Naruto Shippuuden

So much for the drama… wait, there weren’t so much drama on this episode. Yeah, it’s like 90% action and 10% lame talks LMAO!

As for the action, Yay! they have done it! and finally everything that is awesomely awesome will be shown in the next episodes so yeah! Let us rejoice and do the naruto awesome face pose… Wait– there’s one? D: (more…)

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