Naruto Shippuuden Episode #199

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Naruto Shippuuden

This is a late review post for Naruto Shippuuden Episode 199. Sorry for being away LOL, I had lots of school business to do, anyway back to blogging!

Episode 199, mainly focuses on “The 5 Kages summit” where the leaders of the 5 greatest nations were going to have a summit about the existence of Akatsuki, Uchiha Sasuke, The remaining tailed beast and the leadership between the 5 kages.

But yeah, Instead of telling you guys every bit of info about the episode, I would like to focus more on giving highlights, some predictions and reasons on why should we watch out for these characters.


We all know who this wannabe emo-tard is and now he’s making a series comeback along with his siblings and all of them are given a bigger role in both manga and anime series.

All we have to do is to watch the next episodes and observe what will happen to Gaara. I think in this season, he grew to be a mature Kazekage. Trusted by his people and seniors, I think even without his Tailed demon, Gaara can fend for himself now. Well, we’ll see on the next episodes on how he fights with his newer techniques!


She may look like a kid but I tell you this girl *shot* “woman” has nifty moves under her sleeves. It isn’t shown yet in the series, but in the manga you’ll see her battling out and showing off her moves.

Kurotsuchi, one of The tsuchikage’s bodyguards,  one tough fighting earth and fire element wielder and is somehow related to “Deidara” (since he calls Deidara as “Deidara-nii”). Well Things are still unknown about what their relation is to be exact, but all we know now is that, Kurotsuchi fights tough and she knows how to handle his boss’ tantrums.


A geeky nerd from the hidden mist village. Whether you believe it or not, This nerdy dude is a member of the mist’s 7 swords gang (whatever the name of that gang is) and yeah he holds this twin blade in his possessions.

Still with unknown skills, All I predict is that, he’s also good at delivering water based jutsus to support his sword skills. Chosen by his elders and colleagues, he is to accompany the newly assigned Fifth Mizukage alongside with the veteran ninja “Ao” who holds one “Byakugan” eye in his left eye.

The Fifth Mizukage

Say Hi to your newest hot momma! She may not have the “bigger mountains” like Tsunade has, but I tell you this! She’s young and single and mostly egotistic when it comes to marriage.

The fifth mizukage is an all package hottie (brains, techniques, curves and other traits). She is determined to change the former bloody mist village into the new hidden mist village. A lady warrior with a warm heart and problems due to not being married at her young age, which she thinks is “late”, She keeps on saying that he wanted to kill Ao, due to his remarks about the old 4th mizukage regime and eventually connecting the dots to the mizukage’s “being single” life. She’s a character that we should watch out for, for she knows how to slow down her enemies using her mist-like techniques.

Darui and Shi

Assigned to accompany the Raikage, both of these ninjas are trustworthy and equipped with an arsenal not to be reckoned with. Darui and Shi are a combination of yin and yang, Darui knows a lot of nifty tricks and Shi can sense enemies that are tailing them from behind. I say, both of them are worthy to accompany the raikage to the summit.

I think both of these guys deserve to get more TV time in the future (well you know why, since they’ll battle someone as strong as the nine tailed fox in the future).

Well that’s for all the characters for this week, as for the entire episode, I say that, this episode is on my “not so awesome” scale since what happened in this series episode are more than character introductions. There weren’t lots of hardcore happenings and we only get to see Danzo battling little ninjas from an unknown village.

Anyway we should all watch out for these guys in the future 😀


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