Naruto Shippuuden Episode #200

March 4, 2011 at 11:34 am 1 comment

Naruto Shippuuden

I have to be honest, but this episode bores me to death. Everything was based on drama and so much more drama. well If you guys didn’t understand the contents of the manga (based on this episode) then I suggest you to watch this episode. but yeah… boring 😦

So yeah, to start things off, The title is “Naruto’s Plea” and to cut the chase, Naruto’s plea was utter failure, though life goes on for the raikage as he pursues his way to the kage summit.

As the 5 kages assembled in the big  Japanese pyramid like building, a “Controlled Mifune” enters the room, introduced himself and began the reason why the kages where invited. Sasuke along with his friends successfully infiltrates the building.


Akatsuki making a cameo appearance in this episode, though the once showed in this picture leaves Zetsu as the last  one alive.

(speaking of zetsu, I just noticed that the “White Zetsu” looks kind of macho and handsome… weird anime fetish *cries blood*)

Back to the topic, The reason why the 5 kages are in one same room is that, they wanted to deal with akatsuki… NOT. since what matters more in this episode, Danzo wanted to be the leader of this shinobi Alliance, well his plan will fail in the long run as Sasuke tries to thwart his plans.

5 kages

Ohohoho, the 5 kages having a meaningful yet boring conversation, I wish to skip the episode, but yeah, since I love this series so damn much, I’m here writing all about how boring it is to watch.

All I can say is that, in this picture, the tsuchikage can’t be seen, the mizukage looks hot, and Gaara looks maturely awesome, as for the other two left, never mind them since they aren’t that good looking at all!

Gaara (Serious up!)

Gaara looked well in this picture as he tried to talked out things about the akatsuki and what had happened to him when they attacked their village and stole his tailed beast.

and yeah, I shouldn’t forget the fact that he was trolled by the oldfaggy kages (poor him and sucks to be him). People still treat him like a lost little puppy.

Aside from maturing-more, Gaara needs to learn more about the history of the ninja world and not to get trolled by oldfags.


Speaking of awesome, here’s a pair of awesome guys! Haven’t seen them in a while ;A; but yay! they’re back to kick some shinobi butt!

Since the episode produced so much drama, I’ll just wait for the next one and save my words for it. Overall, I think this episode sucked like the previous one 😐


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