Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Episode #9

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— “I won’t allow that” The Sayaka-Kyoko arc finally comes into an end. The fate of those two characters intertwine in the last 5 episodes, with their character transformation mirroring each other’s developments. Piece by piece, we learn more about the true nature of the mahou shoujo system. It has been one emotional roller coaster, and I am loving every parts of it. Like the previous episodes, the 22min story time divided into two parts. First part being Kyubey’s motive. People speculated the harvesting ever since his act at the beginning of ep6. What this series excels at, assuming you don’t force yourself to feel indifferent to the characters, is the ability to draw out strong emotions in happiness, hope, sadness and despair. Urobuchi manage to integrate this strong sense of emotion as a plot device. Now you can say that Kyubey was bullshitting the whole time, and I know a lot of people took the words on the surface and treat it as a bad plot twist. However, personally myself welcomes the little hint of the Lovecraft mythos in any stories. What this long passage of dialogue shows is that, the mahou shoujo are just pawns to the Kyubey hive, that to them the girls are just batteries to be disposed off after use, and Kyubey feels good while doing it. In some way it mirrors the conversation between the bystanders in the last episode. Using hope as bait to draw out the despair in the people involved, it’s one of the most annoying acts in my book. Contrasting to his previous “not my fault” attitude, Kyubey seem to be a lot more aggressive this episode. There are a lot of lines that would easily classify him as a clear villain instead of a cog in the machine, even if his motive says that he’s the latter. Once again, the explanation is not the main point in the episode. The Sayaka arc is the focus here. Her change in character in the past few episode has been well documented. At the same time Kyoko received a lot of  character developments. She is my favourite character in the series. If Mami is the intructor, the tutorial bot you see in games, then Kyoko is your level99 experience player. Initially came across as a malicious antagonist, she became a carefree ally, someone who looks after the newcomers who is making the same mistake, sees herself in Sayaka, realising her error in her method, and rediscover her initial passion. At the same time she maintains her fiery yet confident personality. A fairytale always brings out hope, yet in this world, hope is a none-existence but a illusion masking the great despair behind it. With every miracle comes with a curse. While miracles are short-lived, you are destined to stuck with the curse. Kyoko sees through the system, is able to live her life to the modest yet sustainable level. Her desires, her dreams, her fear and her wish,  makes her a wonderful character. I commented before that while the story in madoka is great the character pales in comparison. Kyoko is an exception, she is one genuine character that I love. Compare to Mami’s undignified departure, I’m so glad that Urobuchi gave Kyoko a farewell that she deserves. That final flourish, is just so fitting. At the end of the episode, there’s no ED, no Magia blasting in our ears. The whimpering silence is just fitting, as we mourn for the lost one. Sayaka’s realm also shows her desire. Every realm is different, and portrays the characteristics of the witch. The design of the witch tells you a lot about her personality. I love the possible reference to Little Mermaid here considering what she has gone through. Underneath the facade of a massive orchestra stood the solitary shadow figure of Kamijou. With the string orchestra blasting music inside this realm, it’s not hard to guess what her sole wish is. Now that the Orion/Scorpius Arc has been completed. It will be interesting to see what the story will go next. It’s time for Homura and Madoka to shine, especially the latter. With the growth in her mental strength shown in this episode, her time is now or never. The last 3 episodes can be epic if Urobuchi decides to go with it. In the mean time, let’s have a moment of silence for our fallen warrior. May she rest in peace.


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