Naruto Shippuuden Episode #201

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Naruto Shippuuden


Hoorah! The real fun starts in this episode though there were parts filled with drama. I still say that everything that is “hardcore” starts beyond this point.

Worried face

In this part we see Naruto lying down the mat as he reflects on what happened when the raikage ignored his request on changing his mind about killing sasuke. (DUH DRAMA)

I’m going to skip the drama part (I hope), but today’s episode is composed of 25% Drama, 25% Talks and 50% Awesomeness, but yeah, Drama goes first ;A;

Sexy lookin' Sai

I think Sai Deserves a bigger scale in this part since he looked so damn hot with that sexy expression on his face. Seriously serious, I ship sai with naruto as his uke LOL!

Anyway, as a part of the Drama, Sai explains to Sakura a lot of things about their relationship with Sasuke. (oh well you keep on butting in to other people’s problems hahaha!) Well, this time I think Sai made his point and aside from that I think Sai deserves a big thumbs up from every naruto fan watching this episode.

Sai = Trust and respect points +100000000000 I wanna see you cry and make dramatic expressions though, and yeah you still suck okay?


Another part of the drama is this, well we’ve seen this in the previous episode so yeah.. I’m not going to talk much about it, just read the title.

and yeah, drama brings a lot of cameo appearances, it sucks ;A;

Talks and shit and battle!

So yeah! this is what I’m talking about! If you guys skip the drama and all the other fucking lame shit in this episode then you’ll get to see what I’m talking about.

Let’s cut the chase shall we? Now, Ao finds out that Mifune is being controlled by one of Uchiha Shisuui’s Advanced eye techniques which is under Danzo’s possession! (well your plans are thwarted now old man!)

As for the rest, every bodyguard prepares for battle (which will be shown in the next episodes, which I’m sure you guys are excited about). AND FFFF! Go Zetsu ❤ He sounded so sexy when he speaks LOL! but yeah, even though he’s under the grasps of the raikage, I am sure that he has something hidden under his sleeves! That’s how good zetsu is and yes, SEXY!

Now that everyone’s prepared for battle, all we have to do is to sit and wait for next week’s episode, but if you guys are so excited then I suggest you to read the manga for some spoilers and hidden  scenes that aren’t shown in the anime.


And oh yeah! Speaking of awesome, here’s something awesome! The kids from the sand country are back with their awesome weapons ❤ the last time we’ve seen them was in season one and after that they went on hiatus from both anime and manga.

and let us not forget the other bodyguards, I’m sure they have some nifty moves and weapons too, Just like Ao of the mist country, he has this Byakugan with him which he got from battling a Hyuga in a previous battle, and choujuro’s twin blade! I wanna see them used in action too!

I am so excited for next week! I wanna see more of this fight!


Anyway, back to the Drama, after the awesome part, we’re being left again into the drama part, which is getting super overrated.

As for next week too! We get to see Sasuke perform some of his moves! Let’s just swallow all of the drama today for it ends now and they’ll be more fights next week ❤ OH THE LOVE OF FIGHTING!

So yeah, I’ll be ending this post with this awesome picture of naruto. It may not be that cute, but yeah, we don’t see him much doing this kind of awesome expressions since he’s a bit loser-ish and lame.

As for overall summation for this episode I’m giving this week’s ep. a 8/10 rating since there were boring talks and drama which kinda killed the awesomeness of the story and to be bias, I gave it 8 since I get to see Sai revealing his sexy body and making so damn hot expressions and his masochism when it comes to naruto! LMAO!

anyway, let’s tune in for next week and toodles!


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