Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Episode #10

March 13, 2011 at 9:01 am 2 comments

– “I Won’t Depend on Anyone Anymore”

I knew I had been stressing this point for a while, but Madoka Magica is the best show that I’d seen in a long time. After two initial setting in lackluster episodes the emotional rollercoaster just will not stop. Urobuchi manages to capture the viewer’s deepest emotions and implement it into the story itself, at the same time brings out the best of what he’s given. Taking the basic premise of the mahou shoujo genre, he managed to create one story that is memorable for many years to come

The lastest episode just raise the awesomeness level by tenfolds. We finally gain an glimpse into Homura’s backstory, knowing her struggle and why she acts this way all the time. There were viewers earlier that were against her hostile attitude toward the group. However just like any other characters in this series, even though on the first impression they just acts as your typical character stereotypes, they are really fleshed out with their hope, fear, and desires portrayed nicely. With each new episodes there’s an extra layer of personality added for the character in focus. We had the mami arc in ep1~3, the Sayaka/Kyoko arc between ep4~9, and now it’s time for both Homura and Madoka to shine. Everyone gained extra points during this episode, and it’s just awesome to watch some of the hidden sides of their characters.

In some way what happened in this episode was predicted by the majority of fans, however Madoka Magica shines in its presentation and delivery. The way each scenario play out are just near perfection. The pacing is awesome, drawing out emotion to a level so much greater, and the use of music is just superb. Urobuchi had been dropping hints left right centre so it would be stupid not to guess what really happened behind Homura’s mysterious outlook. Tonnes of speculations have been confirmed and lots of the potential plot holes had been patched up elegantly in this episode.

Simply put, she has been going through a lot. From innocent optimism, to painful loss, back to hopeful, to agonising realisation of betrayal, ultimately witnessing loss of dreams. Times and times again her hope was raised only to be destroyed in various fashions. Each time her methods become more mechanical, and her weak smile got washed away by the tears too many times. Her life has become just one mission, a promise to a friend that she determined to fulfill before her soul can rest in peace. It’s a tricky complicated puzzle that the world has set up for her, and she’s stuck in the labyrinth until she finds an answer. Even if the tears are dried, it is still worth trying.       or is it?

It’s advised to watch the earlier episodes again after this one, especially ep1. You will spot lots of little things that you missed earlier, your mentality towards certain events will change, and you will gain a new appreciation to how the story pans out. In terms of rewatchability, Madoka Magica is very high up on the ladder. Not just for the great combination of plot-direction-music, but for the little visual cues that you missed. Episode 10 shed some light into what happened so far in the past 9 episodes, and as a whole made this entire series just a lot more awesome. The best thing about this episode? Drawing out the hidden sadness within the OP.

It’s painful to watch your friend die in front of you, and it certainly is more painful to accidentally kill off your friend. However, nothing beats seeing your friends going crazy and killing each other, and have to kill your best friend dearest to you with your own hands. I had a suspicion earlier on that Homura would be one complicated character, and in this episode Urobuchi manages to bring out a great story of a girl lost in her pursue for hope.


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  • 1. Break  |  March 13, 2011 at 11:27 am

    what do you think about the manga kazumi magica and the planned prequelmanga theyve been putting out recently? i think they are also quite awesome.

    • 2. Jeroz  |  March 13, 2011 at 9:34 pm

      only read one chapter of kazumi magica, still waiting for the true tone to be developed, but at the moment there’s this goofiness surrounding it.

      The prequel would be interesting, since I had a suspicion that Kyoko and Mami knew each other before, and would explain a lot of Kyoko’s departure.


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