To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Episodes 19 & 20

March 27, 2011 at 11:37 am 1 comment

Coming up next, a combined review for To aru majutsu no Index II episodes 19 and 20.

This is where the daily life ends and the action and drama of this arc starts , with the sudden appearance of two hitmen one coming from the science side and being after Last Order-actually the scientist who “made” Accelerator, Kihara. he has no power, but he is a scientist and a hitman and he seems pretty cold-blooded. He and Accelerator also seem kinda similar in character and their choice of shirts, i wonder if they are maybe bloodrelated.


Anyways, even though Accelerator finishes off the normal soldiers at ease, Kihara is of a different caliber, pulling back his fists right before the impact would be reversed by Accelerator, so that he, being not able to reverse it fast enough, will be hit by his own powers by redirecting the impact on himself. Thanks to Index’ appearance though he manages to escape and also get Last order away from them. he then starts a little hide and-kill game in a building with the minions of Kihara, mainly because he has not much time with his powers on and has to save it for Kihara. he also kinda reminds me of Alucard in this “play”.


At the same time, the magic-side also deploys a headhunter, Vento, who uses a cross pierced into her tongue as a weapon and seems to be an interesting character, but there hasnt been much information about her yet. She is after Touma because of course, he is a threat to the catholic church. (if God is a supernatural entity, wouldnt Touma touching God actually kill him?) Touma, on the other hand, also has picked up a wet, crying Last Order again, who does her name justice by pleading him to save Accelerator. the joke here are of course the switched girls and the fact that both Touma and Accelerator do not know they are actually interacting with their former enemy. Touma does considerably better against Vento than Accelerator did, but loses Last Order in the end anyways; now the search begins.

awesome perspective play with vento.

In the end, Tsuchimikado also appears, showing off his investigations nd his double-agenting again as he investigates to prevent both the church’s and Alyster’s schemes.

In this arc, the mirror finally breaks; the border between science and magic, roman catholic church and Alyster, Touma and Accelerator finally crumbles when magic and Sience mix together and break each other like they are saying in the end ogf the episodes like 44 episodes: “When science and magic cross, the story begins”. So in a way, this is where it finally begins.

crieng, wet, begging Last Order. my heart was not ready.

(for some reason the button for posting pictures disappeared so no screenshots for now, ill try to fix that soon)

problem solved.


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