Naruto Shippuuden Episode #203-204

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This is a combined “review” for both episodes #203 and 204.

Is it just me or these two episodes are filled with surprise sexiness?

Speaking of sexy, Sasuke (The series’ “Sexiest man”) does some of his moves and tries to fend for himself against both the Kazekage, Raikage and their subordinates.

Another sexy thing inside this box of sexy: Juugo shows his other self and tries to match up with The Muscular “Raikage”. (Ain’t that sexy?) Anyway I don’t find the Raikage sexy, he’s just a “grizzly bear”  who kept on using “steroids” to give himself a muscle, other than that, he’s fucking old and creepy.

I’m still not done with the “sexy” part since I haven’t started talking about the “Fourth Mizukage”. As you can see in the first image, she’s totally fine. She’s got those sexy collar bones (OHHHH…! COLLAR BONES!). As for her moves, OH GOD, THAT’S ANOTHER SEXY THING! If you guys saw what she did on Episode 204, It was as if she’s spewing “cum from the man she blowjobbed” (well I can’t think of any way to describe the move she did back there, but yeah, that was one hot move. Spewing lava-like cum LOL).


Going back to Sasuke, Isn’t he hot in this pic? Being a rouge ninja made him more appealing to the eyes of the fan girls, fighting for two straight episodes gives him another +1000 points to his “coolness” bar. Oh well, aside from his good looks and muscles, he’s got awesome moves! Of course this isn’t a surprise now since we’ve seen things in the manga back in mid-2010, but yeah, doing those things makes him mothafuckin’ hardcore! (I give him a 10/10 for the rouge-like look, 9/10 for the moves and 10/10 for the audience impact, I’m sure the fan girls kyaaa’ed over him after seeing this part).

Dat Sexy Beast

Speaking of toys, Sasuke has a new toy, and he’s “Susano’o”

This deadly technique requires too much chakra to do, and Sasuke didn’t bring a lot of Chakra replenish-ers to add to his lost chakra points, plus, Like a “Yu-gi-oh” card, it also inflicts damage to the users eyes.

Doing this Technique = stupid, It reminds me of the episodes where spongebob, poured liquid soap to entertain those lame-ass kiddos while mr. krabs takes their money away. But yeah, for the sake of entertaining us fans and those die hard Sasuke fans, he’s willing to do something up to this extent of hurting his eyeballs. (OH GOD I FUCKING LOVE YOU SASUKE ❤ *KYAAAAAAAAAAA!*).

Anyway, as for the rest of the episode, it was full of talks, less action, and oh yeah don’t forget the “Zetsu” clinging to the Mizukage like a creeper slug he is part. It was so sexily done, as he tried to suck the Mizukage’s chakra (more like giving her body an entire blowjob), but what creeped me out the most was when he clinged to sasuke like an “evil uke” and splurted his collected sap into his body (IT WAS DISTURBING, SERIOUSLY!).

As for the other “Action-filled part” of the series, it was nice (I’m trying to type this in a boring manner). Nice – not, probably because I got to read it first in the manga and they had it animated without a spark. I don’t know about you guys, but the lack of action plus the surge of drama killed the excitement in both of the episodes. For me, the only thing that captured my attention was the “fap material like devilishly hot body of both Sasuke and the Mizukage”.

I expected more, but maybe I was just hooked up more with the manga and didn’t get what I have expected in the anime adaptation.


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