Naruto Shippuuden Episode #205

March 31, 2011 at 11:58 am 1 comment

You're doing it wrong boy!

Like the other Naruto Episodes from the previous season, this one is just full of “Talks” (all sorts of them).

Spoiler alert: has a lot of spoilers.

So, they have decided to start Season 10 with a “All-star drama episode”.

To be honest I am quite dismayed with the episode, It was all Drama + Raikage rage + Drama + Drama + Madara explains his plan (ALSO DRAMA) + Drama + Drama + Panning the 4th Great ninja war (Drama) + *Changes scene* + Naruto does an emo moment then Sakura Arrives + Drama = Ending song + Next week’s Episode will start with a Drama part.

So yeah, I really have no Idea on how to do this “blog review” for this episode, for it was fucking full of talk. I haven’t seen much action and much to my dismay, things ended up dramatically. This Episode might be filled with “Heart breaking” announcement for the next episode (talking about Sakura’s Confession to Naruto), Madara Conquering the world and Juugo and Suigetsu being imprisoned in the land of Iron, I found some nifty stuffs where the makers haven’t given focus on.

Tailed Beasts

For the sake of making the review post long, and not turning it on a “Follow the episode type” of review, I’m going to keep this image on its original size.

So yeah, this is a rare occasion, seeing all of the tailed beast in one episode. To be honest, I haven’t seen the others on other arcs/season (with the exception of the 3 tailed beast, for it had an arc, though, it wasn’t the former mizukage being the jinchuriki).

Anyway, I think that’s all of it, I mean, I got nothing else to say since this episode was quite boring to watch. Listening to those characters only talking to each other bored my ass out. I’m saddened that things turn out like this, they showed everything and not considering of doing some cuts or probably merge some scenes and give more way “for the action” to come and make the watchers excited.

I’m still quite excited for the next episodes, but starting this season with just a plain drama? gaaaah! that was boring.

If I should give this a score, I’m giving it a flat 5 for every category (Excitement, Characters, Script, Screenplay, Effects). There wasn’t much to it so why give a high score?

anyway, better luck for the next one D:


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