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To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Episodes 21 & 22

This scene screams awesome. The pose, the dynamics, the background, the colorplay, the broken glass and the glowing on its edges…



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Madoka Magica Character Tribute – Sakura Kyouko

Day 3 of our project, and today the focus will be on Sakura  Kyouko. Initially came across as a malicious opponent, her character grew several layers as the series goes on. The strong, the carefree, and most importantly, the lone soul who’s searching for salvation.

“Can You Face Your True Feelings?”


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Madoka Magica Character Tribute – Miki Sayaka

Day2 of our character post. As usual stop reading until you had watched the 10th episode of this series, as it will contain SPOILERS. This time I shall present you the broken idealist, Miki Sayaka. A girl who served the purposed of being the one that was deceived, the one that got too much to handle, in the end unable to get hold of herself and broken down completely.

“Miracle and Magic, they both do exist!”


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Madoka Magica Character Tribute – Tomoe Mami

In the spirit of counting down to arguably the most anticipated belated finale of the 2011 Winter season, I’ll be doing daily posts recapping my thoughts on this incredible journey that is Puella Magi Madoka Magica. If you haven’t yet got up to ep10, please stop right here, as this article will contain a lot of major spoilers. Today I shall explore the character of Mami, one that was once misunderstood greatly yet captured the heart of many viewers.

“I’m not Afraid of Anything Anymore”


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Tiger & Bunny – Episodes #01~2

The new series from Sunrise. In short, it’s great. The show took us back to the familiar territory of superheroes while adding a new twist to the setting, and it’s fair to say that the combination worked out quite well.


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Spring Season Quick Impressions

This post will be a recap for my impressions of the shows I watched this season so far. Unlike my other ep1 reviews this one will be fairly short. I won’t cover the ones I already mentioned as you can find out my thoughts on them in their separate posts.


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X-men – Episode #01

X-men is the third installment of the Marvel-Madhouse collaboration project which aims to bring the famous Marvel Franchises to Japan in anime form. While both Ironman and Wolverine came out unsatisfactory when they should’ve been so much better, the first episode of this series does look promising however. If anything this feels a lot more similar to the comic books that we got so used to than the two previous series.


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