Naruto Shippuuden Episode #206

April 8, 2011 at 4:06 am 1 comment


Talk about Romance and Drama, This episode nailed it again, but yeah, not in a positive way.

The episode started with a new opening song, “Lovers” Performed by: “7”. Speaking of the new opening song, I kind of like it since most of the “newly” added characters from the previous season were featured in this song (though I kinda miss the previous opening song ;_; ).

PS: skip everything if you don’t want to be spoiled.

War has finally begun in the shinobi world!

As the series progresses, The ninja council has decided to choose who will lead the “Allied Ninja Army”. -For crying out loud! Everyone’s been waiting for this! After all those episodes of having boring talks, it only took you guys 2 minutes to decide on this thing.

Everyone’s doing Skiing, even if there’s a war going on. -LOL! so yeah, everyone in this episode decided, to do some skiing, though they really didn’t actually mean it as skiing, I guess I’m just too shallow to think of it as something that is laughable 😛

Talk about drama, they did it again. -Oh God, Sakura is becoming more like “Baby Doll” from SuckerPunch, she’s being delusional. O___O

So basically, what Sakura is trying to do is boring. I guess next time, I should start doing reviews for the manga, instead of the series episodes. Things are getting repetitive.

Talk about comedy, they think that the series still has it. -Well, better start thinking again, To be honest, none of the recent Shippuuden episode made me laugh. Though, they are trying to make things “Comedic” they fail at producing it.

As for Cameo Appearances -They’ve been doing it a lot actually, though I didn’t included it in some of my previous reviews. Having too much cameos in every series makes thing unclear and boring. Sometimes most of their cameo appearances are somehow “uncalled for”.

As for beating animals up they sure are good at it.The scenes weren’t showed though.

Talk about “Action”,Everything was short lived, the episode merely focused on “Sakura’s *fucking half assed* Confession”. Most of the action stints were done only in a few minutes. = Extremely boring.

Talk about Yaoi. -I think I should classify this as “Bara” BOTH OF THEM ARE BEARS D: They’ll never beat SasuNaru or NaruSasu pair ever. This pair… I find it disturbing.

As for the Bee vs Kisame part – I guess they’ll let us wait for the next episode. (sheesh)

Talk about more disturbing stuff… They Produce disturbing stuff. I am not impressed.

Short Lived 2 minutes of fame actionFuck, it happens every episode.

As for the new opening and ending songs for Shippuuden here they are:

“Lovers” Performed by: “7”

“Freedom” Performed by: “Home made Kazoku”

(Personally I like this song because of its retro-pop art look and the way it was performed.)


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