X-men – Episode #01

April 9, 2011 at 12:25 am 1 comment

X-men is the third installment of the Marvel-Madhouse collaboration project which aims to bring the famous Marvel Franchises to Japan in anime form. While both Ironman and Wolverine came out unsatisfactory when they should’ve been so much better, the first episode of this series does look promising however. If anything this feels a lot more similar to the comic books that we got so used to than the two previous series.

The story of this series, judging from the first episode, focuses on saving mutants from kidnappers in the Tohoku region of Japan. Set one year after the incident with Jean, the x-men are asked with the duty to help out a friend of Professor X whose daughter, a mutant,  had disappeared. The name of Inner Circle was raised up as the possible main antagonist group in the series.

Let me just be clear right here. I’m not an avid comic book reader. Most of my knowledge comes from those (godawful?) movies with some occasional snippets of the comic chapters. However to a newcomer like me those characters seem fitting into their widely-known characteristics. There’s a couple of scenes make me question how concealed are those mutants as they showed off their abilities in public. However it might just be Japan’s perception of the role of x-men in the society.

The characters all look great, all has the gritty fine look you would expect from a western theme anime from Madhouse. In terms of production quality it’s up there. The animation is fluid and crisp. Most importantly the characters all look like the ones we are used to. Otherwise not much can be said about the visual aspect other than that Storm Is Hot. No I mean it, She Is Really Hot in this episode. I mean, REALLY HOT. That short hair version of Storm just looks awesome.

It’s really easy to dismiss this series as another sub-par product from the collaboration as we had been fooled by the trailers twice. However, as soon as I saw the footage from the great trailer in the opening fight scene I knew this one will be decent. In fact, I would so love to see it being dubbed. It just feels weird to hear those popular characters saying everything in Japanese. Some scenes can be a bit too cheesy to my liking, but as a whole it’s a solid first episode. 6/10

P.S. I would love to hear opinions from the x-men comic fans on whether they think the portrayal in this series did the original franchises justice. It would be interesting to get some comments on this matter. Don’t just hate on it because it’s not drawn in western style.


P.P.S. There’s no guarantee that I will do follow up posts regarding to this series. I will watch another couple of episode, and if it actually raises the bar and become awesome then maybe. Otherwise don’t put too much hope on that.


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  • 1. n1xx  |  April 9, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    ”Storm is hot.” ”Storm is really hot!” (Approved tags! 8D)
    Well, from what I’ve seen of Marvel adaptions in the anime industry, the character-design and the storyline aren’t that bad at all. I might actually pick up this one and compare it with the comic. (;


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