Spring Season Quick Impressions

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This post will be a recap for my impressions of the shows I watched this season so far. Unlike my other ep1 reviews this one will be fairly short. I won’t cover the ones I already mentioned as you can find out my thoughts on them in their separate posts.

Lotte no Omocha

Now this is where things is getting interesting.People kept shy away from this series because of how bad it’s portrayed in the synopsis. The first episode is actually quite cute and charming. It’s a story about a princess from the fantasy land finding a romantic partner. The antics from her fellow servants are just so nice and cute and make you want to hug them. Give it a try before you dismiss it totally, it’s not as bad as it sounds.


A Channel

What was suppose to be “the nemesis of Nichijou” turned out to be extremely flat. The jokes are just lacking the punch, and the characters just don’t have the sparks required for gag comedy shows. Though the scenes of the loli raping the girl is quite fun.


Hidan no Aria

Generic Kugumiya Rie flatchest explosive tsundere “looks-like-primary-but-is-actually-a-highschool-student” female as lead, ticking off all the boxes for “things that you cringe in a harem”, and JC Staff. The tri-factor for making a show bad, and it’s not catching my interest.



The idea of having a fantasy battle as the appearance of money trading and dealing in the financial district. The concept is sound, the delivery interesting. It has some fun visual quirks, but just seem to lack budget. The overall visual field just looks like they don’t have the money to hire the staff. Some animation look bad, the character design weird, and some still shots just horrible to watch. If the story don’t amaze me I can see myself dropping this really soon.


Denpa Onna

Another one of your SHAFT show with weird oddball characters. The graphics looks extremely awesome, the quirky characters fun to watch, the OP is so addictive even when it’s “atrocious”. It’s a love-it-or-hate-it show. If the denpa hits you then you will love it, if not, then you will loath it. As for me, I’m liking it at the moment.


Ano Hana

The contender for the best drama this season alongside Hanasaku Iroha. A tale of lost friendship, the first episode is a neat complete package that is a massive tear jerker. The execution is just so great, and the characters are all likable. This show could well do the NoitaminA slot proud.



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