Tiger & Bunny – Episodes #01~2

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The new series from Sunrise. In short, it’s great. The show took us back to the familiar territory of superheroes while adding a new twist to the setting, and it’s fair to say that the combination worked out quite well.

In some way similar to madoka magica last season, Tiger and Bunny takes a common trope and add a more realistic flavour to it. It’s not dark and twisted, but gives you a burden of commercialisation and the whoring of a profession, the sense of betraying your perfect ideal to follow the command from the higher up.

In this world, the heroes are not better than sportman in the eyes of the public. Their everyday fight for justice against the criminals are broadcasted in a game show fashion, with points given for every criminal caught and every civilian saved. Every hero has the logo of their respective sponsors tapped across their chest. There’s even a MVP ceremony at the end of the season to award the hero with the most points. People cheer for them on television, but just like how people cheer for a certain athletes during a sport game. People doing poses, saying their catchphrases, and there is even a concert of the ED for the show within this show sung by the popular female. Everything just feel so out of place when comparing to your typical idea of a superhero story.

The main character is Kotetsu, nicknamed Wild Tiger with the ability to enhance his physical abilities for 5 minutes. He’s a veteran superhero who has been in the industry for 10 years and is gradually losing his touch with the demand. His continual destructive path of his heroic deeds placed too much burden onto his sponsor. A  hero who’s trying to keep his ideal from way before this field lost its honour and pride. There’s still a trace of cliche going into his backstory and how he wants to keep his secret identity from his own daughter. As a character though, he’s quite likable. There’s always a sense of optimism, a sense of justice, and just the right amount of goofiness that makes him an enjoyable one to watch.

It’s an interesting take on the usual superhero story. Everything you see is tagged on with a sponsor logo, and there is even a mock commercial half way though the episode that is just absolutely brilliant. Thas been viewers who’s disgusted by the sight of those dirty commercialism. However from my perspective that’s the intended effect, a commentary of how something pure that we used to like just become more and more obscured with the sponsors  (*hint hint*).

The animation is solid, even the CG part fits in quite nicely for some reason. The slight clunkiness of the 3D even works into the goofy skits quite well. I’m yet to see a bad still shots from the episodes.

From what I’d seen so far, every episode will go into each superhero’s back story. Hopefully it will provide a nice commentary and a new flavour to the usual superhero genre that most of us got so accustomed to. I wasn’t expecting much coming into this series, but I’d seen enough from those 2 episodes to say that it might remain to be one of the dark horses this season. (Anohana still takes the cake for being the most unpredictably good first ep)


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