Madoka Magica Character Tribute – Miki Sayaka

April 19, 2011 at 10:28 am 4 comments

Day2 of our character post. As usual stop reading until you had watched the 10th episode of this series, as it will contain SPOILERS. This time I shall present you the broken idealist, Miki Sayaka. A girl who served the purposed of being the one that was deceived, the one that got too much to handle, in the end unable to get hold of herself and broken down completely.

“Miracle and Magic, they both do exist!”

Miki Sayaka. The optimistic, the brave, the determined, and the friend. The naive, the reckless, the stubborn, and the deadweight. She represents two sides of this twisted world. We see her journey from a girl full of hope, a girl who cannot think of a wish because she’s too lucky, to a broken soul that just unconsciously grasping a lost cause.

At the beginning Sayaka came across as a comic relief, a mirror image to Madoka’s kind and passive personality. She’s outgoing, loud, assertive, and does everything head first. When asked to prepare for their first expedition to the witches’ realm, she brought a bat with her. Compare with the dependable mentor in Mami, Sayaka is a friend that you can talk to. Even after the passing of Mami she volunteered to step up and continue her former mentor’s role to keep up that idea of justice.

As we are further into the story, we know more about her backstory. The unrequited love to an injured musician, the desire to help him, and the determination to sacrifice her freedom and possibly her future for his sake. If it’s your usual standard story then everything will come to a close circle. However, Urobuchi is not as kind. Several revelation regarding to the true nature of a mahou shoujo, coupled with the unfulfilled love, shattered her psyche.

Sayaka is just a 13 year old girl, and everything happened to her all targets at her sense of identity. The identity of her physical self, the identity of her ideal, and the identity of her desire and motivation. All those attacks come within a very short time. For a teenager that’s not yet mentally stable to be bombarded with those kind of assaults without time for recovery is quite hard to watch. The physical, psychological, and emotional pain all came to her at once. As a result, she lost herself. She began to care less about her physical well-being, going into kamikaze style of fighting simply because her body suits this style. She began to abandon all sorts of human relation, even hurting her own best friend in Madoka. She began to lose focus of her motivation, killing two nasty bystanders in the train because they aren’t worth saving in this world. By the end of her self-imposed exile, Sayaka is no longer herself.

Her arc carries multiple themes that help shaping this series. What is your true desire? Are you willing to make a sacrifice that you will regret in the end? What is your true self? What shapes you? Most importantly, what are your ideals? Maybe we are all idiots ourselves after all. Urobuchi stated that instead of Madoka, Sayaka feels more like the main character in his story. Her story is the one where nothing just turned out right for her, events just turned to the worst possible logical direction.

The question here is not whether the events she experienced are preventable. Like a classic tragedy, the biggest strength in Sayaka turned out to her lethal flaw. It’s up to you whether to sympathise with her, but you cannot deny that she went through a lot. What’s incredibly sad is that in her final witch realm, her sole source of attachment is a shadow of a man she yearns for but lost forever.

The little mermaid in the knight’s armour, the Orion in the sky, Miki Sayaka was just a puppet toyed around in Urobuchi’s twisted world. A sad little tale of hope being betrayed. May she rest in peace.


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  • 1. Random  |  April 20, 2011 at 8:18 am

    Extraordinary article!

    • 2. Jeroz  |  April 20, 2011 at 1:00 pm

      thank you 😀

  • 3. sjotaku1234  |  May 15, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    honestly your right and at the same time i feel sorry for sayka because like you said, she’s just a 13 year old girl. Urobuchi did an amazing job creating a character like this.

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