To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Episodes 21 & 22

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This scene screams awesome. The pose, the dynamics, the background, the colorplay, the broken glass and the glowing on its edges…

vento, the earth.
slowmotion, it makes everything epic.
one holy ahegao.

Now this concludes what I call the “Angel arc”. While the perspective changes between Touma and Accelerator in these episodes, both arrive at their destination, where likewise a Girl to save and an enemy to fight awaits them- let’s start with Touma now. After arriving at the first Angel’s, Kazaki, place- who’s design, by the way, is kind of both awesome and questionable in my opinion. First of all, the “wings” are mostly just huge glowing lights emitting from her back, which kinda makes me wonder how they all were able to recognize the light as an “angel” from far away.  Her Halo, on the other hand, is a masterpiece of design, as its shape is warped in a way that underlines its artificialness, therefore uniting church and science in it. As we can see in her expression (which extremely resembles an “Ahegao”, something usually used only in hardcore Hentai porn and is associated with a broken mind), she is practically unconscious.  She is now an Angel made by Science, planned by Aleister. Seeing how Sasha, who is on the Church’s side and is hosting the angel Gabriel the only female Archangel, it is highly possible that the Angels possessing Kazaki and Accelerator are Archangels as well, and as there are four Archangels, I suspect one more to come up sometime, possibly in Sister Agnese, though this is just a conspirancy. Upon fighting with Vento, Touma learns why she despises Science: apparently she and her brother got hurt in an accident caused by a malfuctioning rollercoaster, and he died because they coudln’t treat them both and he practically sacrificed himself for her. Now we all know what that means for Touma: right kids, its preaching time! Though this time, it’s in Danger of becoming a Discussion instead; but no, of course Touma needs to put her back into her right mind by some facepunching, Touma’s Panacea. Some pretty awesome slowmotion is used in that scene, too.

On a note for Vento’s design, she is supposed to be of the element “Earth”, hence her yellow robe, the thorn-images on some parts of her clothing and her thorn-whip which she actually didn’t use once. Also, her green eyes and light brown eyeshadow.

In a different place, at the same time: Accelerator, in a splendid Rage-move, throws a building around with vector-changing, and lets it slide and crash against another. The novel apparently notes that this attack took 5 minutes off from the Earth’s rotation. Now Accelerator finally finds Kihara and Last Order, who has been captured, apparently because she is the Key for calling down an Angel. Of course, Accelerator ragekills the small soldiers in a matter of seconds, in a pretty awesome animation, to face the Boss, Kihara Kisuke. Its an epic fight, but he still doesn’t stand a chance due to his own Powers being used against him. Still, he doesn’t lose hope, for the sake of his “little brat”, but his Misaka-style-gadget runs out of battery just before he could attack one more time; Kihara just randomly kicks the helpless Accelerator now, while Index finds them as well; instead of noting the Albino being beaten up, she immediately turns to help Last Order. Maybe she thinks that’s normal, living with Touma and all. Anyways, phoning with Misaka, who is, by the way, holding the Soldiers off and preventing Kihara to get reinforcements, although she really isn’t that important here. In the end, Index just decides to sings something to get Last Order healed; pretty random but on the other hand, she does have a magic voice after all. The song seems to also give Accelerator back some control over his body, though his mind seems to have suffered considerably. He manages to scream out “Kihara-kun!” though, being pretty freaky, pulling out Kihara’s hair and putting on the most splendid Rape-face; I suspect the song also had an effect on Accelerator because he and Last Order are connected, he is in a sense part of the Misaka Network, I would say. The actual fight between Kihara and Acceleraot then only lasts three blows, but it’s extremely awesome.

Accelerator is knocked out then; Kihara deploys a manly laughter(with detailed drawn teeth, normally a privilege to either Hellsing or any Nitroplus works) and throws a grenade to our Hero.

Surprisingly though, there is no Damage at all; instead, he stands up, looking extremely freaky as well as extremely awesome and sprouting Black stormy wings from his back. Grabbing the shocked Kihara with ease, holding him at the window, the confused Kihara only gets the chance to call him a “monster” before being thrown out into the night sky, accelerated by the wings, his flight seems to get so fast he gets shot into the atmosphere, apparently becoming a shooting Star. As last Order is the “Key” to summoning down the Angels, I guess she is the reason Accelerator became one; though he could also already have had this, as we also saw something resembling a fainter version of his current wings back when he first appeared in the second season, when he destroyed the parts needed to rebuild the satellite and punched the red-haired teleporter in the face; clearly he had something pretty similar on his back, back then. It is also clear that this is not just an effect of his normal power, as he needs his brain to use it as well as his usage of the Language of Angels when saying he would kill Kihara(though only “kill” was understandable) seems to be proof that it really is an Angel, probably already awakened when he first got in touch with Last Order’s Brain when he directly influenced it to erase the Virus in it, in the end of the first season. If this is true, then the Angel would be the actual problem for his normal power; this would make sense since he could still use his power directly after being shot in the head.

In any case is Accelerator now the -unwanted- Science-anhel number two. With three Angel-possessed people- Sasha/Gabriel, Kazakiri/Unknown and Accelerator/Unknown, who will be the fourth one?

In the end, at Touma’s side, Vento gets taken away by her “colleague”, a man who looks like Aizen with spiky Hair and seems to represent Air. Touma doesn’t get a new Haremese, but at least a Souvenir, her cross that used to be a tongue-piercing. Ouch.

Now, let’s just end this with some awesome Fanart. ^^


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