Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – Episode 1

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Im like, seriously behind with this one so I’ll try making a short review for episode 1, because you can’t really say much at that point and I didn’t quite catch up yet… meaning I didn’t even watch the rest yet.

First of all, the Protagonist of this is a young man, literally a “seishun otoko”. He’s apparently from a small village and likes to think in terms of “points” so I suppose he is into RPG’s. He transfers into a school in a bigger city where his aunt lives, because his parents are working elsewhere, and he’s pretty hyped for it-at first.

The protagonist.

Then, he will meethis aunt, Touwa Meme-that’s her real Name, and she is basically a woman who stayed young/doesn’t act her age. Though I find her ever-lasting smile to kinda make me think she had some Botox…

meet Meme Touwa, trying to be moe.

While he at first thought she would live alone, she actually has a daughter: Touwa Erio, a girl who thinks she is an Alien and stays wrapped up in a Futon, eating Pizza from behind that and saying “mofu,mofu mofu” in an adorable way. She is the female Protagonist, the “Denpa Onna” mentioned in the title. “Denpa” means literally radiowaves, but in japanese its also meant for “weirdos”, “alien-weirdos” and “conspiracy-weirdos”, like “those people” that wear hats out of aluminum. That’s what she is, and she does it in an adorable yet stressing way. It is very well made how you can relate to the protagonists feeling of awkwardness around her, with her manner of speech and everything; that part is very well done, props to SHAFT for that. Though of course, they still couldn’t resist to make eye-shots and make the Protagonist do the “Head-backwards-thing” they always do, and we love them for that. On a a side note, I would like to advice you to try that movement once for yourself: it feels pretty awesome in the neck. Other than that, this Series almost bursts from homages and references to other classics, like Dragonball or Crayon Shin-chan.

Lunch with the futon-girl.

Or, for another example, E.T. Upon loosing her Futon, we see Erio in all her sparkling Beauty, although, as Shin, the protagonist, puts it, we may not be too sure about her mental health…


Well.. not so much left to write, so well just end this with a picture or two! Bye-bye!

E.T reference paired with beauty.


I see cheese. You shouldn't eat pizza on a futon after all.


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