Tiger & Bunny – Episodes #01~2

The new series from Sunrise. In short, it’s great. The show took us back to the familiar territory of superheroes while adding a new twist to the setting, and it’s fair to say that the combination worked out quite well.



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Spring Season Quick Impressions

This post will be a recap for my impressions of the shows I watched this season so far. Unlike my other ep1 reviews this one will be fairly short. I won’t cover the ones I already mentioned as you can find out my thoughts on them in their separate posts.


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X-men – Episode #01

X-men is the third installment of the Marvel-Madhouse collaboration project which aims to bring the famous Marvel Franchises to Japan in anime form. While both Ironman and Wolverine came out unsatisfactory when they should’ve been so much better, the first episode of this series does look promising however. If anything this feels a lot more similar to the comic books that we got so used to than the two previous series.


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Naruto Shippuuden Episode #206


Talk about Romance and Drama, This episode nailed it again, but yeah, not in a positive way.

The episode started with a new opening song, “Lovers” Performed by: “7”. Speaking of the new opening song, I kind of like it since most of the “newly” added characters from the previous season were featured in this song (though I kinda miss the previous opening song ;_; ).

PS: skip everything if you don’t want to be spoiled.


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Steins:Gate – Episode #01

– “Prologue to the Beginning and End”

Arguably the most anticipated show this season, Steins:Gate is an anime adaptation from the highly successful Visual Novel from 5pb and Nitroplus. The story mainly deals with mystery, time travelling, thriller, murder and soggy gel banana.


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Nichijou – Episode #01

So here we are, the next slice-of-life yonkoma comedy series from KyoAni who brought us Lucky Star and K-ON!. As a whole it’s yet to click, but the production quality is so good sometimes you feel like forgiving them.


April 6, 2011 at 1:21 am 4 comments

Hanasaku Iroha – Episode #01

– “16 years old, spring, still but a flower bud”

Background: Hanasaku Iroha is a show starting from the 2011 spring season. It’s the 10th anniversary work from P.A. Works, whose previous titles includes True Tears, CANAAN, and Angel Beats!. A story about a young girl setting her foot in the society and become mature.


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